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Strongly opposed.

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Q: How did Sam Houston feel about the secession?
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How did Sam Houston feel about secession?

Really He wanted it. He was thinking that if secession went through he would have the Market, at that time, and it would would be his. Sam Houston was a great entrepreneur. The result has gone down in history.

Who was against the secession of Texas?

Sam Houston He was a US Senator at the time

What was Sam Houston's View Of Secession?

Not in favor

What were Sam Houston's feelings about secession?

he felt good about it

What did Sam Houston think about succession?

He was strongly against the secession and favored unionism

What happened to Sam Houston when he opposed secession?

He was forced out of office as the Governor of Texas.

Who was the only republic of Texas president to resign?

Sam Houston, who was not in favor of secession, resigned when the Confederates took over Austin.

In the civil war what was Sam Houston's position on secession?

He opposed it and refused to take the oath to the Confederacy which cost him his job as the Texas Governor.

Which southern leader opposed to secession during the civil war?

Tennessee Senator Andrew Johnson and Texas Governor Sam Houston

What were the political impacts of the Civil War?

Sam Houston was removed as a Governor for not supporting the South.

What did Sam Houston believe in?

Sam Houston believed in states' rights, promoting the annexation of Texas to the United States, and supporting the rights of Native Americans. He also emphasized the importance of preserving the Union and opposed secession, despite being a southerner.

What did Sam Houston feel about freedom?

It was essential (except for slaves of course).