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Why were things rationed during ww1?


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To save up ammunition and food

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Food: butter, eggs, sugar Materials: gasoline, metal, rubber

I just read a news article that said fish and chips were not rationed during the war

Bread itself wasn't rationed but all the ingredients used for making it was.

people rationed many things so that the military forces could get supplies. Not everything was rationed though. things like pens and paper were not rationed. people tried to eat less meat so that it could go to the military.

gasoline, sugar, eggs, meat. As the war went on more and more things were rationed

In Britain bread not rationed in World War 2, but was rationed in 1946.

Fresh fish was not rationed Fresh fish was not rationed

It was rationed for things such as tires for military tanks, and rubber was a much-needed necessity during World War 2.

Cigarettes and meat were the main rationed items

No, water was not a rationed food. however, things like potatoes, sugar, and meat were rationed. The government established special days such as meatless mondays and wheatless wednesdays.

No, in the United States no vegetables were rationed. The only things I remember as being rationed were butter, sugar, meat and gasoline. We had coupons for gasoline and tokens for the edible things.

rubber coffee meat butter and even shoes

Yes it was. Almost everything was rationed!

Gasoline was never rationed during the 1950s. During World War II. Gasoline was rationed. Gasoline rationing stopped in the fall of 1945.

food and clothes were rationed during the blitz because people were selfishly using them as dildos.

Water was not rationed. Potatoes were not rationed because they were plentiful in the USA but in England they were rationed. Depending on which country or area where you lived pork meats were not rationed. Things like salt. baking soda, spices, vanilla, baking powder were not on the ration lists. Some medicines were not rationed but antibiotics and medicines needed in the war front were rationed amongst the medical facilities. In the USA some vegetables and fruit did not need to be rationed but the people were encouraged to grow victory gardens so the vegetables and fruits used in the military forces' rations and kitchens could be plentiful. In England they had rationing for ten years and it was for an extensive list of things. Cars were not rationed because they discontinued building cars in both countries. The gasoline was rationed as well as tires. Blackout Drapery and Curtains were not rationed. Sand bags were not rationed. Things like dishes, photos, stationary, etc were not rationed.

Butter had been rationed because the Germans just gave it to their army

wheat was rationed, items such as bread, oats,and cereal

Why do we need to get Rationed? Is there anything serious?

some things that were rationed in WWll was milk sugar

The word rationed means to supply as little as possible. During the holocaust period, the Nazi's rationed potatoes to the Jewish captives.

there was food clothing/cloth and tires and gas Rationed in WWII.

yes during the world war 2. Sugar, butter and coffee was also rationed

rice, cereal, pork... many things not stated here too.

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