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Why were white people racist to black people in the Vietnam war?

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Racism was very common in many places in the times of the Vietnam War.

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Why are black people allowed to be racist to white people?

Some Black people hold the belief that they were once slaves to the current generation of White people, so they believe that their ancestors have given them the ability to be racist to white folks who have done nothing to them.

What does racist coffee mean?

Racist Coffee is a song by Julian Smith. It is a song about white people drinking white coffee and black people drinking black coffee.

Are Mexicans racist?

There are racist people of all colors. Black, White, Mexican, Indian ect...

Why is Homer yellow?

so it is not racist to white or black people

Is daddy Yankee racist to black people?


Is miss Maudie black?

No, she is white. She is one of the few less racist white people in Maycomb.

Do white people fart like black people?

Yes white people fart like black people

Was huey newton racist?

If a white guy went around killing random black people, supposedly in the name of "liberation" but really because they were black and he was white, would he be a racist? Absolutely! And if you switch the words "black" and "white" around there, it's just as evil, and, yes Virginia, just as racist. Ergo, Huey Newton was a racist.

Why was Malcolm X so angry at white people?

Because many white people were racist toward black people back then.

What is a white racist?

It depends on how one uses the term "white racist". To some, white racist is someone who is white and they are also racist. To others, however, a white racist is someone who is racist exclusively towards white people.

Was Babe Ruth black or white?

he was both you racist you are racist shame on you

Are black people better than white people in basketball?

I find this very racist, but in my opinion yes.

Why are black people oh so racist against white people?

because they are not smart enough for the truth...

Why were white people racist to black people?

The same reason why any race is racist against the other, racism is not just between blacks and whites. There are white people that are racist, there are black people that are racist, there are Asians that are racist, Pacific Islanders that are racist, there are Islamic people that are racists, Native Americans that are racist, Indians that are racist, and the list goes on… In specific to your question asked it is quite a broad question that depends on the individual and there circumstances. It could be because of upbringing for example in Germany during the period of the Holocaust children were taught by society that Jews were not equal to what was considered regular citizens or even human. So a white person may be raised in an environment were black people are not considered worthy. It is also because humans segregate as part of survival technique and every race needs a scapegoat. If your really interested in educating yourself further on the issue I would suggest taking sociology and psychology classes to fully understand the complexity of the issues as white people are also racists against other white people. Black people are racist against other black people, Asians are racist against other Asians and so forth.

What is the Biggest misconception black people have about white people?

The previous answer claiming that white people are racist may have been answered by a person prejudiced against white people, black people or both. Racism and bigotry stink. Most of the people I know are not racist, black, white or other. Despite the color of our skin, despite our country of origin, despite our religious beliefs, despite the differences between us...we are all the same. When we bleed, we bleed red blood, we are all susceptible to the same diseases. We are all simply people. People are people.

Is Obama black or biracial?

His mother is white and his father is black. That makes him biracial. Just because the racist media keeps calling him our 'first black president' does not mean they are correct. He is half white. The only people who have issues with this are racist black people who try to claim him as fully black. They know they are wrong.

Why isn't it racist to call people whites?

i don't know i think its because there are more white people in the UK than black people or that white people were the first to live in the UK. it should be though if it is racist to call people blacks

Is calling black people black racist?

Well, I don't see the problem with it since they call white people "white." But don't go around saying it just cuz.

Can a black person be racist towards a white person?

Some black people hate white people and some white people hate black people. Either way it's wrong and illegal. Because racism is a type of discrimination and discrimination is against the law.

Is dywane Johnson the rock racist?

no he is not .... anyway how can he be racist when his race is in the middle of WHITE AND BLACK

Why are blacks racist against whites?

Not all black people are racist against white people, but the ones who are vary in reasons why. Some believing it's better to be racist against white people because of the hostile history of blacks and whites; therefore, they believe they will be discriminated against in the end, and will only end up hating white people anyway.

Is Eminem racist?

It would be to assume he was not racist because he had a black band, raps with black people, and hangs out with black people. However, Eminem had grew up in a black area. He was beaten for being white. Rap was his only way to fit in. If he had raped with white folks, everyone would see him as a racist. However if he raped with black folks, than everone sees him as a want-to-be-black-person. Eminem has used the "N" word many times and not in a I-wanna-be-black way. If he was racist nobody would care because they see him as part black.

Can black people be racist?

Yes, of course they can. White people can be racist to black or Asian the same way a black person can be racist towards white or Asian people. Racism just means that you believe that one or more races are better than others. It doesn't matter what the races are. Where people get confused is that they mistake institutionalized racism with garden variety racism. While only the prevailing group can express institutionalized racism, any group can be racist in the more generalized sense.

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