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Why when I turn on the headlights of my 90 mark 7 the fuel gauge and tach stop working?

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Its a bad ground, but its easy to fix. By the fuse block/hood open latch (in side the car) there is a bundle of wire, find the light blue wire, cut it and connect each end to the car body. I did mine and it works. But quarter tank is now empty, rpm guage is fine... Hey check out and go to the tech part, and see "dash ground fix" that's how i learned this very helpfull tip.

2011-09-13 17:04:44
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Q: Why when I turn on the headlights of my 90 mark 7 the fuel gauge and tach stop working?
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Fuel Level sending unit is ok but I have the light on dash on empty tank and level mark on the dash for quantity of gaz in the tankis empty but I have half tank?

Look for a bad grounding wire. If the fule gauge sending unti is properly gounded, it should send the signal to the fuel gauge, make sure the fuel gauge is grounded. You may have a bad fuel gauge.

How do you fix the fuel gauge on the 92 Lincoln mark VII?

most failures lead to the fuel sending unit inside fuel tank.and yes the tank must come out

How many gallon's worth gas past the full mark on the fuel gauge does a 1997 lesabre hold?

18 Gallons

What can you check after replacing the fuel gauge in a 1993 ford tempo it goes to the full mark and stays there even if the tank is almost empty?

Fuel tank sending unit. Fuse.

Can you replace the hid headlights on a 1996 Lincoln mark viii with some other kind of headlights?

of course

Do all mark viii headlights suck?


What wrong with your gas gauge on your 1941 Pontiac?

In most cases it is the sending unit in the fuel tank that is faulty. Disconnect the wire at the fuel tank and ground that wire, turn the key on and see if the fuel gauge goes to the full mark. If it does the sending unit has failed. The float is also known to fail and sink to the bottom.

Why does gas gauge mark full all the time on your 93 Oldsmobile 88 3.8?

The fuel level sensor is shorted or a wire is shorted.

Why does my 2002 Kia Spectra fuel tank indicater read full all of the time?

Typically when a fuel gauge reads incorrectly it is the fuel sending unit in the fuel tank.In order to determine where the problem really is accessing the fuel sending unit on newer cars is fairly easy.Most have a access area either from removing the bottom of the back seat or from the trunk area under the carpet.In short if the fuel sending signal wire is grounded it should make the gauge either go back to empty or to the full mark IF it is not working properly.Just a simple check to verify if the part above is defective,or possibly your gauge itself has a electrical issue.I just recently fixed a exact issue as I have done before gauge read full and already knew the problem.

What are the signals of a bad fuel pump on a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII?

car may turn over but not start; fuel gauge might be off; car will run ragged with little power

How do you fix fuel gauge on 307 it goes to nearly half mark then no further?

If you really want to fix it, then you will have to drop the fuel tank and remove the sensor, go from there. You can check the float while it is your hand, just plug the wire harness in, move it up and down and have someone check the gauge. Might also be the gauge needle in the dash. You will find out this way.

When you start your 94 camaro the battery gauge shows more than half is charge an the headlights are blinking as soon as i put it on gear the battery gauge drops to a quarter of its mark and then die?

Sounds like the charging system has failed. Have the system tested by your local auto parts store, they will do this for no cost.

Why is your temp gauge is not working properly in Camry 98 after repairing the ac maximum it reaches only to the lower mark?

I would suspect a thermostat stuck open.

What is happening when my 99 ford ranger sputters to a stop because it is out of fuel except the needle on the fuel gauge is above the red mark a noticeable bit?

It is likely that your fuel sending unit is in need of replacement. It is located in the fuel tank. Some vehicle have a cover that can be removed to access it, others need the fuel tank removed for replacement.

Where is trip meter button located in Honda Accord 2001 ex?

To the left and right below the fuel gauge almost in line with the 150 mph or 240 kph mark.

Should the temperature gauge read past halfway or lower on Malibu 2005?

In any vehicle, when the radiator system is working correctly, the temperature gauge needle should be just below the half way mark when up to operating speed and temperature.

What is used to mark the distance from an edge?

It is a marking gauge.

When I put gas in my car it show the gas on the gauge but as I drive it starts to go down and mark that it's empty?

Fuel level sending unit mat be bad if it goes down other than it normally will as you burn the fuel up.

Why are the headlights too dim on our Lincoln Mark VIII?

The mark viii headlights on the 93-96 model years suffer from a condition where the plastic in the headlight lenses cloud up over time usually replacement is the only option

What causes a 2004 trailblazer gas gauge to read overfull?

Some gas gauges read overfull when you fill the gas tank because the needle goes past the full mark on the gauge. A bad sending unit,bad level sender, or stepping motor may be the cause of the gas gauge not working properly.

Where fuel pam timing mark scania 400?

The fuel pam timing mark Scania 400 is on the engine.

Gas gauge reads full all the time on a 97 Pontiac transport?

One question.. does it read past the "Full" mark? Or does it move around a little? But... A common problem with the GM vans... There is a "Fuel Level Card" in the fuel pump located in the fuel tank.. The card send a signal to the ECM to the dashboard for your fuel gauge.. If you have over 100,000 miles on the van I would replace the whole fuel pump assembly (250 -300 bucks +labor) as the tank has to come out anyway.. remember Murphys law will come in if you just replace the fuel card.

What is a butt gauge?

A butt gauge is used to mark and cut the notches in doors and jambs to install butt hinges.

How can you tell the Difference between mark 4 and mark 5 ford fiesta?

headlights and grille on a mk4 are oval and a mk5 are more angular

After vehicle repair The fuel gauge on my 98 intrigue has gone around and is pegged opposite full mark and wont move how do you reset it?

What was the repair? Sounds like they did more harm than good. Could be disconnected. If not, there may be a blown fuse or (worse) a blown resistor in the gauge.