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Why when you switch from fourth to fifth gear is grinds?


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The grinding noise can be an indication of a bad gear in the transmission. The grinding noise can also indicate a problem with the clutch.


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It is controlled by the sliding switch on top of the gear knob. Switch in the forward position is off and in the back position on. It will only engage if the car is in 4th gear. The 1975 and 1976 models were known for having a weak overdrive unit (5th gear) so your actual problem may be the unit itself is bad

The duration of Fifth Gear is 1380.0 seconds.

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To switch back to automatic after being in the simulated manual mode, you need to shift past fifth gear. When you reach fifth gear, you can tap the shifter to the right twice and it will go back into automatic. Or, you can shift the car to neutral and then back to drive. I would suggest being stopped for this though.

In vehicles with a five-speed automatic transmission, keeping the gearshift in "D4" will cancel the fifth (or "overdrive") gear keeping the vehicle in fourth gear; this setting is recommended when towing trailers or boats to keep the transmission from overheating.

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It is a switch that indicated what gear or gear range the trans is in.

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If your stickshift makes a whining sound in gears, grinds when you are trying to put it into gear or if it slips out of gear you know it is going out.

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It tells you your second gear start switch is on. When on, that switch makes the transmission not use first gear. This is good for icy winter conditions.

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When the engine revvs up to about the 5 on the RPM gauge in fifth gear.

Fourth gear allows the vehicle to maintain cruising speed while lowering the engines rpm thus improving mpg.

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