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Sounds Like You Have A Voltage Drain, That Is Something Is On Or Grounded In The Car. To Test This Buy A Test Light At Parts House. Rermove The Negetive Cable From Battery, Leaving The Positive Cable Attached To The Battery. Connect Test Light Between Negetive Cable And Negative Battery Terminal: If Light Comes On You Have Something On Or Grounded. Remove The Bulb From Hood Light First ( The On That Lights Up When You Open Engine Compartment--HOOD }. Turn Off Ignition When And If You Find The Problem The Light Will Go Out. This Is The Best Way To Find Your Problem. PLEASE NOTE ++++++++ If The Light Don`t Come On. Your Battery Is Probably Bad. In Fact Go Have The Battery Tested First !!!! Then Replace If It Is Weak Or Bad. If That Don`t Work Try The Things Above. HOPE THIS ISN`T TOO MANY THINGS. GOOD LUCK --Try look for a fuse. There should be a Fuse that connects the Battery to Alternator. It by be burn out

2007-08-10 21:18:15
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Why won't a 1998 ford contour start after the battery is replaced and alternator checks out good?

u might need a new starter

What could be draining the new battery and new alternator?

A partial earth

Does a computer reset after an alternator is replaced?

The computer only resets when the battery is removed. The alternator just charges the battery, so if the battery is left connected when the alternator is replaced, the computer should not reset.

1998 aurora will not hold a battery charge?

Then either something is on draining the battery or the battery has a dead cell draining all the rest and must be replaced.

94 Lebaron needs a boost every morning the battery has been replaced the clamps are clean and tight it does not appear to have any lights left on What is the cause of the battery draining?

Have you had the alternator tested? Often a bad internal diode can drain the alternator overnight.

What could be wrong with 1998 Chevy lumina you had a starter alternatnor and a battey put in but the battery keep draining?

Had the same problem. Bought a re-conditioned alternator, turned out it was bad. Usually if battery draining, it's alternator or battery or both.

What does it mean if your car needs to be boosted everyday but its not the battery or alternator?

Something is on draining your battery overnight. Any light or any relay. It can also be your battery has a dead cell draining it overnight.

Why does your battery keep draining on your 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo?

Defective alternator, loose alternator drive belt, dead cell in battery, or something is on pulling power from the battery.

Why does the Battery keep draining on 93 civic CX?

Can be a dead cell in the battery which means it must be replaced. Can also be something is on pulling power from the battery. Glove box, interior, under-hood, or trunk light. Can also be the alternator is defective.

What is draining your van battery?

many things can do it suck as junk battery, junk alternator , or leaving anything on in the car

What could be the reason for 2004 Honda Civic car battery to die after 2 or 3 years?

The battery is worn out and needs ot be replaced depending on the mth warratny it has or the alternator is going out and is draining the battery . A simple check may be the battery cable . take the positive battery cable off while running as well if it dies it's the alternator .

What does it meant when the battery light comes on in a 1995 Ford Contour GL and everything goes dead after driving it for about 10 minutes?

the battery is dead and needs to be charged or replaced, or it could also be the alternator is going bad

Why is the Battery light stuck on in my 1996 ford contour battery seems to be fine along with the alternator...?

Battery light usually means alternator not charging. Most common solutions would be be a bad alternator, bad connection, or loose alternator belt. If the battery and alt test ok than check the connections to the alternator and battery.

What if your car wont start replaced the battery lights came on even started but went dead by next morning what could this be?

something is draining the battery. a new battery will last a couple days if just starting the car. even if your alternator is bad.

When a Car cranks but goes dead what could be wrong?

your alternator ain't charging your battery or a bad connection draining the battery

What should you do if your car factory car stereo is draining your car battery?

While the car is running the alternator should be recharging the battery faster than stereo can drain it. I suspect you either have a problem with the alternator or its time to get your battery replaced. Until you get it fixed, if you don't turn on the radio, it wont drain your battery :) If it is a high power model, it needs to be wired directly to the battery.

What is draining new battery and alternator on BMW 525i?

If the battery is brand-new and I would suspect either the alternator is defective or you have a lightbulb somewhere on the vehicle that is pulling power from the battery. It can also be a relay that is stuck.

What is draining battery in 1992 BMW 735IL?

Mine had an alternator problem not putting out 14 v

You just replaced the battery in a 99 cirrus but the battery light stays on?

did you check the alternator??

Why does a 2000 windstar se keeps draining the battery. i have tried changing all relays and a different battery.?

Your alternator is shot.

What could be wrong if i replaced the alternator and battery and still wont hold a charge?

Inside the alternator

If you have to jump start your battery every time you cut your car off what is wrong with it?

Dead battery, Alternator not charging, Ignition off draw draining battery,.............

Why does the battery keep dying in a 1996 Ford Contour?

Either the battery has a dead cell and needs replacing, or alternator is defective, loose or corroded battery cables, or something is draining the battery. Look for a courtesy, trunk, under hood, glove box light that is on. Also can be a defective brake light switch which causes the brake lights to stay on.

What drains battery on a 2000 Chevrolet impala with a good alternator?

Dead cell in the battery requiring a replacement battery or some light is on that is draining the battery. Can also be a stuck relay.

Battery KEEPS draining?

Need more info... How old is it? Do you drive short distances? Does it sit around not driven a lot? Check for a short, bad alternator, or fried battery. If you take the car to an alternator shop, they can usually tell you for free if it's the battery or the alternator.