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Why will my car not start after I have had my alternator replaced fuses replaced and battery replaced on my 1998 Ford Contour which keeps draining the battery?

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2007-08-10 21:18:15

Sounds Like You Have A Voltage Drain, That Is Something Is On Or

Grounded In The Car. To Test This Buy A Test Light At Parts House.

Rermove The Negetive Cable From Battery, Leaving The Positive Cable

Attached To The Battery. Connect Test Light Between Negetive Cable

And Negative Battery Terminal: If Light Comes On You Have Something

On Or Grounded. Remove The Bulb From Hood Light First ( The On That

Lights Up When You Open Engine Compartment--HOOD }. Turn Off

Ignition When And If You Find The Problem The Light Will Go Out.

This Is The Best Way To Find Your Problem. PLEASE NOTE ++++++++ If

The Light Don`t Come On. Your Battery Is Probably Bad. In Fact Go

Have The Battery Tested First !!!! Then Replace If It Is Weak Or

Bad. If That Don`t Work Try The Things Above. HOPE THIS ISN`T TOO

MANY THINGS. GOOD LUCK --Try look for a fuse. There should be a

Fuse that connects the Battery to Alternator. It by be burn out

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