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I am unsure what you mean by 'some schools'. If you are referencing any post high school education which would include beauty school, trade school, etc. Some may not be an option. It wouldn't be by their accord, more in regards to the laws/entities giving the loans who decide such. I believe if you are attending a University, it would be very difficult to believe they wouldn't take them It's money in there hands. Look into the Stafford Loan.

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Q: Why will some schools not accept student loans?
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Can student credit cards be used to repay loans?

Whether or not a you can repay loans with a credit card depnds on the policies of you debtors. You can pay some student loans with a credit card, if you are in default. However private lenders are under no obligation to accept credit card payments.

Are there sites to explain private student loans?

There are many sited that will explain private student loans. Some are and

What are some types of student loans?

There are many types of loans students can apply for, but the simplest categories are the two: federal student loans and private loans. All loans funded by federal government are administered through the US Department of Education's Federal Student Aid programs. Other types of student loans include: # Federal student loans # Federal Stafford loans # Federal Perkins loans # Federal Parent PLUS loans # Federal Graduate PLUS loans # Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan # Continuing Education Loan # Career Training Loan # International student loans

Is there an X Ray technical School that offers student loans in the Orlando area?

No they don't offer loans. The schools will offer advice and some may offer help applying for schollarships and such if you see a counsilor.

Which students are eligible for Sallie Mae loans?

There are a lot of kinds of loans for students who are eligible for Sallie Mae loans. Some types of student loans at Sallie Mae are federal student loans, private loans, education investment planner.

How can one get a student loan?

Student loans are obtained by contacting the financial aid office at a college or university. Some student loans can be obtained from local banks as well.

How many schools have student councils?

Almost all schools have some form of a student council. All high schools in the United States have student councils.

How can you get assistance from your school to pay off debt from student loans?

There are many ways to pay off the debt from student loans. Unfortuneately, I am unaware of any ways for you to get help from your school in paying off these loans. There are some websites that can help you with paying off your student loans.

Which of these makes a student loan different from other types of loans?

Students don't have to provide any collateral to get a student loan. On some student loans, payment may be deferred until the student is out of college.

What is the admission criteria of JNC for high school student?

Some summer schools accept high school students, but JNC not. SIE seems to be possible.

Are there different types of student loans available?

There are many types of student loans available to students of all ages, income levels and credit ratings. The first type of student loans available are awarded, guaranteed and regulated by the federal government. These loans include Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans and Plus Loans each of which have differing eligibility requirements, interest rates and award amounts available. Some financial institutions will offer private student loans, however they can be more difficult to qualify for and have higher interest rates than federal loans. In addition, some states may offer student loan programs.

Is there a student loan payment calculator for all student loans?

Yes, there is usually a student loan payment calculator for most students loans. Some student loan payment calculators can be accessed through the internet.

How to get a student loan for a master's degree, quickly!?

SOme places offer students loans in as little as forty eight hours. To see if you qualify or to find similar loans visit

Can you have 2 or more student loans?

Yes. You can have as many student loans as you can get approved for. I currently have about 5 student loans, meaning I'll be in debt for the rest of my life hahahaha. Even some of my friends who are in the military and get their education paid for take out some of those ridiculously low-rate loans from places like just to have some spending money right at once.

Do any lending organizations offer student loans for people with poor credit?

Sallie Mae offers student loans. They do have some poor credit options. You can not clear a student loan by bankruptcy so they are more liberal than for other loans.

Is there a company that ofers private student loans?

There are many companies that offer private student loans as an alternative to the federal loans and grants offered by the government. Some examples are Sallie Mae, Chase and Discover.

Finding Student Loans in Unusual Places?

When apply for student loans, students usually think of the FAFSA. The FAFSA is not the only way students can apply for student loans. In fact, some students are denied loan money by sending in a FAFSA application. For these students, applying for student loans online can provide them with an opportunity to attend the college of their dreams.

Where can I get some college student loans to help me with school?

First, educate yourself on student loans. There is a lot of information listed on Also, visit Most major banks (Wells Fargo, Citi, USBank, etc.) offer student loans.

What companies offer international student loans?

Some companies that offer international student loans are CIBC and RBC. Each will provide an agent that will sit down with the student and develop a plan for the loan and repaying it.

How do I get a private student loan?

The first step in getting student loans is to make sure you have completed the FAFSA. You can check and ask banks for some good private loans.

Know How to Spend Low Interest Student Loans?

Some students assume they can use their low interest student loans to buy anything and everything. The truth is there are strict guidelines over how a student can use his or her low interest student loans. A student should be sure that he or she is only spending the money on living expenses and school expenses.

What are some student loan forgiveness programs?

There are different student loan forgiveness programs out there to help pay off your loans. Some sites are: and also

What are some banks that offer private student loans?

In the United States most national banks will offer private student loans. In Canada most federal banks like The Royal Bank of Canada and The Bank of Montreal also offer private student loans.

Where could one apply for study loans?

One could apply for student loans by submitting an application to Sallie Mae. Even contacting the school or program that you are interested in directly may have some student loans available.

Where can one go to apply for private student loans?

Many universities and college can help you get student loans, but some of the best places to apply for private student loans are your local bank. Banks such as Wells Fargo does private student loans. I would also recommend comparing several of the banks in your area online to see if you can find information about interest rates and fee's.