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Why will the headlights and high beams on a 1986 F150 not go on even though the other lights activated by the light switch do?


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2005-01-02 18:48:26
2005-01-02 18:48:26

I had the same problem on my 87 f-150. You will have to take the dash apart and remove the whole switch assembly. The problem is the retainer on the switch is melted from the heat generated and the wires aren't making contact in the module. I was unable to find an aftermarket replacement but you may find one at a salvage yard. Good luck.


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The switch that turns the headlights on. PULL it back once for front fogs(if fitted) and twice for rear fogs. This will only work with the headlights on though(sidelights or dipped) OK

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Not very specific on the question. I can go with my experience, though.My 2000 T&C would turn off my headlights as I was driving. No special warning, and it did it randomly. Even when I had the fog lights on, it turned off my headlights. A new headlight switch fixed it right up! Make sure you get the right switch! The non-fog light switch and the switch with fog lights have very different electrical connectors!

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Yes, inasmuch as they turn off when you shut off the engine and remove the ignition key; and the standard daytime running lights come on when you're driving. You have to switch from DRL to headlights with a switch, though - but in my soob I just leave my headlight switch on all the time anyway.

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HeyKris==It is probably the switch located on the brake pedal. GoodluckJoe I am having the same problem but shouldn't both the top light and the break lights be activated from the same switch? Is there anything else it could be?

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make sure your dimmer switch isn't turned all the way down. Then check the fuses next.

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