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because it is clogged < nope

If a toilet has a blockage it will over flow

When you say the toilet will fill are you talking about the tank?

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Why would your toilet not flush properly does not appear to be clogged?

On the inner rim of your toilet where the water flushes out from the cistern, if these small holes are blocked it wont make the right angled pressure to flush a toilet

What is wrong if the sink and the bathtub will drain but the toilet wont flush?

The toilet itself is plugged or the pipe from the toilet to the drain is plugged. It may be that the tub and sink have their own drain pipe that may connect to the main away from the toilet drain. Plunge the toilet or sometimes if you fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and pour it into the toilet as fast as it will take it, that will flush out the line. It is a greater amount of water all at once an forces out what the clog is.

How do you fix your toilet when it wont flush?

You find out why it won't flush . If it has water in the tank, then the problem is the 'flapper'. Possibly the flapper is not coming up, these are cheap and easy to replace.

How do flush a fuel line for a 1993 Toyota corolla?

just give it a full flush in your toilet. Oh i believe a half flush wont work!

How long does a wood-tic live?

They live till you find them and you kill them but if you flush them down the toilet they wont survive because they drowned in water!!

Why wont your toilet wont drain?

your toilet wont drain because your excrements are to big or you use to much paper when you wipe. To get your toilet working again, use a plunger. (see how to use a plunger) To stop this from happening again, flush down your excrement in multiple parts and cut down on toilet paper. Good luck!

How do you get rid of the stink bugs?

Get your hair spray out and spray them down so that way they wont move when you get a napkin and flush them down the toilet

Champion 4 toilet that wont flush properly It worked great for a couple of weeks and now it acts like it is partially clogged Plunger didnt work so not clogged?

A plunger is only going to help if the plug is in the toilet itself. It may be further down the drain. You could have tree roots in the line. A simple fix that may help is this. Get a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with water. Pour it in the bowl as fast as it will take it. Bring the water level in the bowl up to the bottom of the rim and keep pouring until all 5 gallons is used. This is a much greater volume of water that the toilet normally send down the drain and may flush out a partial clog. It will not hurt anything if it does not help.

What would make a toilet not flush forcefully?

If your plunger is left in the bowl. :) Since I've been snaking out toilets for many years I come to the conclusion that when a toilet doesn't flush right, the reason is like lightening and it never strikes the same reason twice. So your problem of your toilet not flushing smooth can be a million different problems but 90% of those problems are in the toilet bowl trap. If you plunge and snake the toilet and it still wont flush right then pull the toilet and look at the drain and if its clear then your problem is still the toilet which since china makes stuff so cheap , its almost cheaper to buy a new toilet then to buy the repair kit for your old one, in fact to have me repair your toilet and to have me install a new toilet with buying the toilet would be about the same price so almost everyone gets a new toilet and we live happily ever after.

Why will an ice cube placed in a cup of hot rotating water spin automatically faster than the water itself?

the center of a whirlpool is spinning the fastest. the cube is in the center so its spinning equal or a lil slower than the water directly under it but the water neer the edge of the cup is spinning slower.....put something in the toilet, flush it and observe how it spins faster as it reaches the center...........use something that wont clog the toilet

Have to hold handle down to flush so you shortened chain and replaced flapper now the toilet wont stop running?

You shortened the chain too much. Make it longer a link at a time till it works.

Why wont the toilet bowl hold water?

1- Capillary action / stoppage 2- Negative / positive pressure 3- back pressure

What to do if your toliet doesn't have any water in it and it wont flush?

Call a plumber !.. In the meantime, after use, simply pour a bucket of water down the bowl each time someone needs to go !

Will drinking lots of water flush out a kidney infection?

no it wont it will just make you need a wee so i wouldn't if i was you hi reece r u my freind

How do you get thin hair?

if you water down bleech it wont actually change your hair colour it will make it thinner. Toilet bleach is more successful with this treatment.

Why wont it let you grab the nickel on Riddle School 3?

You have to clog the toilet with toilet paper to have the janitor come and then you can grab the nickel

How do you flush a 2000 Neon engine?

Buy one of the "flush in a can" products and follow the directions exactly. if you want to do a machine flush your dodge dealer should be able to help you out. it wont be cheap, expect to pay between $100 and $150 for the flush and an oil change.

Why won't water circulate through the radiator of my 94 Toyota Previa?

the reason it wont circulate is cuz u radiator is clogged or plugged flush it or buy a new one

Can you use bam as toilet cleaner?

yes but it wont be as effective as tolet cleaner

Why wont my zebra fly through space?

You haven't unclogged your toilet yet.

I dropped my phone in the toilet and it wont turn on how do i fix it and what should i do?

Put it in the microwave on full heat for 7 minutes. This will dry the water out and levae your phone intact..... Mostly.

What can you put on clay so it wont crack?

You can have a small cup of water when your claymaking and moisten your finger and fill up the cracks before they become bigger.

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