Why women wear Borqa in Islam?

First of all, it is a burqa and not a borqa. Please get your facts right. Second of all, not ALL women wear burqas. Personally, I feel that it is silly and conservative. What I think you mean to say is why do women wear the hijab. The hijab does not have to be a black abaya and a burqa. It can be a full sleeved t-shirt and jeans. It is anything loose that covers a women from head to toe. Muslim women wear this because, Allah has commanded them to do so in the Quran. But the reasoning behind this is because, it reduces the risk of attracting unwanted stares and prevents crimes against women. This is the one thing that sets muslim women apart from the western society. What do Christian women have that set them apart from other religions? Also, I do not understand why western society finds the hijab "restricting" and "weird". What's wrong with it? Muslim women can do anything else that Western women do, apart from acts that are forbidden by the religion. I wear the hijab, and I see it as a source of pride. There are mainly three reasons why I wear it: One- to prove that I can do anything I want to do (mainly for self confidence), Two- To prove to the other people that I dont care about what they think of me (self confidence again), and three- for religious reasons. If you would see the logic behind this then you would realize that Islam "prevents" its people from doing "fun" actions because they are in fact harmful for us some way or are not benificial and can destroy our lives. Islam always wants what is best for us, and it is not the religion of extremists who do not understand what "jihad" means, and it is not the religion of the criminals who do not understand what "hell" means and it is not the religion of the "cool" muslims who do not realize what Islam means at all.