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probably needs a diaphragm

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the bolt in bottom center of carburetor bowl has holes in it that are stopped up like mine was.

it is losing its prime... i have the same problem right now and i have cleaned the carburetor, changed the gas and spark plug and changed the air filter. The only thing that i can think of is that there is something wrong with the priming bulb or the gas cap is hindering the air flow... still trying to repair....

If what you mean by not priming is the red primer button not priming, replace it. They are easy to find from a mower shop and hopefully doesn't costs alot. If what you mean is it doesn't primes itself after starting, replace the diaphragm pump located at the bottom of the carby and at the top of the fuel tank

Your float is probably stuck or your fuel system is dirty. Try some carb cleaner if that does not work you may have to take the carb apart and clean it. good luck.

Put fresh gas and stabilizer in it, and prime it with the red prime button. I just bought one from a guy who couldn't start it. Now that I know it will start, I will change the oil and maybe put a new spark plug in it.

Very difficult without proper removal and installation tools provided by Briggs and Stratton. The old one can be removed with needle nosed pliers, by gripping as much of the bulb as possible and rocking it back and forth until it pops free. If the bulb tears out, be sure to remove the snap ring holding the base. Be more careful when installing the new one, as it can be torn easily. Put the new bulb in, and snap in the new retaining ring using two small flathead screwdrivers.

do you KNOW how wrong that sounds?

The primer bulb probably needs to be replaced unless either one of the fuel hoses leading in and out of the primer bulb bracket is clogged. Be sure you mark how each fuel line goes before you remove the bulb so you can replace them correctly. Hmmm. Thinking more about it: If the primer worked properly before disassembly, chances are you crossed up the fuel lines when re-installing. Try switching them.

where is the primer on a murray 625 ex series


Try cleaning the carburetor if there is a filter replace it.

Main engine or prime mover.

You do not have to prime it. It is self priming.

One thing I have done is check the spring on the throttle. I had this happen and the spring that holds the throttle in a specific location had come unhooked. I simply held the throttle open, had another person sstart the mower and then reattached the spring to hold the throttle open in the desired position.

There's NO need to. They will prime thereselves as soon as the engine starts.

You don't have to prime it. It sits in oil and will prime naturally as soon as the engine starts.

To get to the carburetor on a craftsman Push mower you will need to take off the cover to the engine you may have to remove the gas tank, you need to empty the tank before removing it you will also need to disconnect the gas line while removing the tank. after the gas is drained the tank is removed and the cover is off look for the bubble that you push to prime the engine that is connected to your carburetor the gas line that you removed from your gas tank is also connected to it. To remove your carburetor you need to remove the air filter and the bolts connecting the engine to your carburetor. From their you can clean it replace it or any thing else to repair your Craftsman push mower. Hope that I helped although I am 16 I have dun plenty of mechanic work

There's no need to they will prime themselves when the engine starts.

Type the words "prime numbers chart" into the search engine on your computer.

Crank it over, should self prime.Crank it over, should self prime.

It could be that the shear pin is damaged or bent and the engine is "out of time" when it gets to TDC. The flywheel will have to be removed to get to the shear pin. The shear pin is the aluminum pin that fits in the keyway of the flywheel and the shaft. It is made of aluminum and meant to break, bend, or shear when the mower blades strike a solid object while rotating. The breaking, bending, or shearing of the pin helps prevent the engine from being damaged or at least minimize engine damage at impact.

Try turning the key on (without engine running) for about 5 sec. do this twice it may prime fuel pump

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