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because maybe that phone does not let you send messages.

I just want to say they person who posted the first answer is a complete idiot.

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Virgin Mobile is owned by Virgin Group owned by Sir Richard Branson. Virgin Mobile cell phones operate of T Mobile cell phone towers. There has been rumors that AT&T is to buy out T Mobile and incorporate it's customers into their network, but I am unsure as to whether or not Virgin Mobile customers would transfer over to Go Phone services.

what kind of cell phone does cristiano ronaldohave VIRGIN mobile

You can buy a Virgin Mobile cell phone almost anywhere. Best Buy sells them at the store and you can even sign up for a contract at the location you are buying at.

One can purchase a prepaid Virgin mobile phone online from sites such as Virgin Mobile, Best Buy, Amazon, Overstock, Target, Walmart, The Good Guys and eBay.

Virgin Mobile has three basic cell phone plans ranging from 35 dollars to 55 dollars. They all include unlimited text and data.

Some cell phone companies that offer cell phone service with no contract are Cricket Wireless, Consumer Cellular, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, Tracfone, and Powernet Mobile.

Many phone companies offer insurance for a cell phone. One can inquire with such companies like Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, AT&T, Asurion, and esurance.

How do I get my pictures off my cell phone?

The Kyocera Loft phone is only available through Virgin Mobile. They have exclusive rights to selling it, which can be beneficial for those who like Virgin. It can also be detrimental if you want to use another phone service.

Virgin Mobile is starting to really define themselves as the leaders in the global "prepaid" phone marketplace. They now offer some of the most advanced technologies available on the market for extremely attainable prices. Not only is a Virgin Mobile cell affordable and cutting edge, but the plans that are offered for that Virgin Mobile cell are simply amazing. The truth is that Virgin Mobile offers the most comprehensive and cost effective data plans on the prepaid market today. If you are getting a phone for internet usage, then you will probably not find a better deal that what you can find with Virgin Mobile.

Some of the top brand cell phone stores are Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Other cell phone store include Virgin Mobile, Cricket, Radio Shack, and Walmart.

Prepaid cell phone plans can be obtained from a wide variety of different mobile companies. T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, and AT&T, for example, each offer these plans.

It matters which cell phone service. If you have Verizon goto If you have virgin mobile goto

The cell phone providers with the least expensive rate plans are Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, and Virgin Mobile. They are followed closely by Cricket and T-Mobile.

In my opinion, Boost mobile and Virgin mobile have the best plans available. Boost mobile is unlimited talk, text and web for $50 a month with shrinkage.

Companies that offer international cell phone plans include Virgin Mobile, Rogers, Cogeco, Bell, Shaw, Koodoo, Wind Mobile,T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon Wireless.

Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, and Boost Mobile all have a mobile pay as you go plan. Sometimes, it can be better than a cell phone plan because you only pay when you use it.

It means cell phone to cell phone.

There are two main choices here, Virgin Mobile and Walmart cellular for cell phones without a plan. You might want to start with Virgin Mobile, as they have more experience with prepaid plans.

Straight Talk, Trac Phone Wireless, Boost Mobile, Verizon has a prepaid service, Virgin Mobile.

Yes, the system queues up SMS and other "txt" messages and when the mobile phone enters the range of some cell tower the queued messages will be sent through that tower to the phone.

Cell phone is "American English" for a Mobile phone.

Virgin Mobile has a variety of cell phones and accessories available for sale on their website: They have phones and accessories available for all needs and price points.

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