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The tailights might be burned out. Typically the tailights and brake lights are separate bulbs.

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Q: Why won't my taillights work but my brake light and turn sigmal will?
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My headlights work but I have no taillights or brakelights?

WHAT ARE YOU DUMB REPALCE YOUR LIGHT BULBS STUPID! Not stupid replaced circuit boards checked fuses ran test light . When headlights are on no brake light or taillights and have all new bulbs stupid. Turn headlights off brake lights work, so figure that out smart man

Why won't the tail lights go off when I park and turn off the headlights?

Is it the taillights or the brake lights? If taillights it may be a wiring problem, If brake lights check the switch on the brake pedal

Why won't my taillights work but my brake light and turn signal will?

because your tail light works off of other side of a 2 way bulb.change bulb and will fix problem

When you turn on your left turn signal and you have to apply the breaks at the same time your right rear brake light goes out but the center brake light works?

AnswerIf this were my car, I would replace the brake light switch ( near the brake pedal ). This could be the problem and is about the cheapest thing to start with. Good luck.check the ground connection at the taillights a bad ground will cause this

What do I check when the brake lights and turn signals don't work on a 95 silverado?

the circuit boards on the taillights are bad.

Your taillights and brake lights come when you turn your lghts on?

Check the bulbs they are double filamented and filaments may be touching each other causing a backfeeding situation through the stop light circuit.

When i turn on headlights the Taillights do not come on. I replaced the bulbs they were blown still no taillights brake and turn signal working fine. Honda accord 2000?

Do parking and dash lights work? If not, may be fuse most vehicles it is the same circuit

Why does brake light keeps coming on in ford windstar 2002 van?

The brake fluid level may be low in the reservoir. If the reservoir is low it's telling you the brake pads are worn down. As the brake linings wear down the fluid level drops and eventually turns on the brake light. Have a mechanic check your brakes soon. See "Related Questions" below in case the brake light in question is/are the ones in the taillights. Not uncommon for Windstar brake lights to turn themselves on.

Why did my headlights taillights and dash lights stopped working when flashers brake and turn signals work fine what happened?

in dash lights

What can cause my taillights on a 1994 gmc 2500 pickup not to work even though the brake lights and turn signals work?

The tail light circuit is separate from the brake and signal light circuit. So, check the fuses, check the bulbs, check the sockets and if you haven't found the problem yet, check the wiring.

93 Chevy Suburban have taillights but when you turn the headlights on there is no taillights?

move the wiper connection around while somebody presses on the brake if brake lights come on replace circuit board to wipers my 94 chevy 4x4 did that found by accident 3yrs later was about to trash the truck

Do the brake lights turn on with a hand brake?

No , the rear brake lights do not turn on when you use your parking brake , just the brake light on your dash is supposed to come on