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There could be any number of problems causing a no start condition. No fuel, no spark, bad timing, clogged fuel filter, bad fuel pump, ECM bad, ECM fuse bad, Ignition fuse bad.... Too many to list.

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Q: Why won't cold car start it is a 94 Infiniti J30?
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Is the transmission from a 93 Infiniti j30 and a 96 Infiniti j30 interchangeable?

Yes you should be able to.

How do you replace the alternator belt on an infiniti J30?

Is the timing belt on a j30 infinity run the alternator

How do you put on a fuel filter for a 1994 infiniti J30 car?

How do you change the fuel filiter on an 97 J30 infiniti and how do i know that i need to change it?

How many quarts of transmission fluid goes into an 93 infiniti j30?

how many quarts of transmission fluid goes into an 93 infiniti j30

How do you replace window motor on Infiniti J30?

video on how to replace window lift motor on j30

Do the infiniti j30 have a CD player?


Are the struts on a infiniti j30 cartridges?


How many volts is a battery for a 1995 infinity J30?

The battery for an 95 Infiniti J30 is 12 Volts.

Where is Infiniti J30 engine number located?

its usually to the underside of your hood.

How do you unlock stuck doors on a infiniti j30 1998?

I think the answer is you buy another car, the J30 stopped production in 1997.

How do you remove an antenna from an Infiniti J30?


Can my key for my Infiniti J30 disable the car alarm?


Why infiniti j30 was running then all of a sudden it stop it will turn over but it will not start?

I was having the same problem. Had to change out fuel regulator and fuel injectors

Are the bodies of a Nissan Altima and a infinity j30 the same?

The Infiniti J30 is the same thing as the Nissan Altima. In fact the Altima is Nissan's version of the J30. However, being that it is an Infiniti, parts are more complicated and most probably will not match. Infiniti is a luxury line and is meant for dealer maintenance only, whereas the average do-it-yourselfer can fix a Nissan. If you need Altima parts your best bet is to check the junkyard.

Infiniti J30 power steering location?

the reservoir is on the passenger side of the car. It's a black cylinder with a cap (J30) or a cap and wire (J30t).

How do you fix a blank display on an infiniti j30 radio?

have radio replaced or repaired

Where is the transmission computer located on a 93 infiniti j30?

the right kick panel

Where is the knock sensor located in a 1994 j30 infiniti?

Under the intake manifold!

How much was your infiniti J30 in 1993?

mine was $44,000 brand new in 93

Where is the power steering reservoir on a 1998 Infiniti J30?

I believe that there is no 1998 J30, however, the reservoir is located on the 1997 J30 just behind and to the inside of the battery. At least I hope that is the reservoir, as i just put fluid in it!

Oil capacity Infiniti J30?

$50 fill up soo about 60 liters

What type oil put in infiniti j30?

10w-30 or 10w-40 oil

What is the best oil for 1995 Infiniti j30?

Pennzoil 10W-30 or 10W-40.

What is the best oil for 1195 Infiniti j30?

10W-30 or 10W-40 can be used.

Location of ecm in 1997 Infiniti J30?

It is under the dash, in back of the glove box.