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You could try being more specific in your questions, so then WikiAnswers can provide you with the best possible answer.

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2010-01-25 01:07:53
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Q: Why wont this give you good answers?
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Why wont you give me the answers i want?

Because you don't give enough detail, or we really do not care.

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a the negative and positive effects are that this website isnt that good because it wont give me any answers on it

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This is not an answer. Please give answers here.------------ My wife refuses to give me a divorce but I want one anyway. What can I do?

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i come here to figure that out! so why wont you give me the answers

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This website can give excellent answers, but you have to wait for them. If you need fast answers, you need a search engine like Google.

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No they give you phones that don't wont

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Give good detailed correct answers and you will get recommendations.

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It was already like this when I arrived

Why don't you give us good answers?

Specific questions and correct grammer and spelling produce better answers.

Is Peter answers safe?

yes but it does not give good answers. it tells you to ask again later most of the time

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hahaha you are too funny! are you just doing this to see what kind of crazy answers people will give you and where the heck did you think of something like this? i swear to god if you google this question you will probably get honest answers from psychos. um....i think if you have a good friend and fifty cents they will probably give you a wedgie lol but they probably wont be your friend anymore

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