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Why wont this site let me submit anything in Message Boards?

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you're banned...thats why you can't use message boards

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Why does WikiAnswers have message boards?

Purpose of the Message Boards WikiAnswers has two forms of message boards: 1) Question discussion boards, and 2) Personal message boards. The role of question discussion boards is fairly clear to regular users of the site. Sometimes you need to discuss how a question should be answered, or ask for clarification about what the question is asking, etc. It's very handy to have a space for this separate from the answer space, which is not intended to be interactive.Personal message boardsThe role of the personal message boards is more fuzzy. It's a softer community reason. We want to enable WikiAnswer contributors to discuss anything they want to discuss with each other (as opposed to the question discussion board, which is merely for discussing one specific Q&A). A personal board can be used for pretty much anything. Maybe you want to thank a person for all their great answers, or ask them about themselves, etc. It's the most (only!) free-form space for users of this site.

Where is the old message board?

The old message boards for this site are gone. The individual messages are still accessible by Admins as necessary to research historical events on the site, but the boards are gone and have been replaced with new ones that don't have the same limitations from a software perspective.

When will WikiAnswers add new forums?

WikiAnswers has message boards connected with answers, and there are message boards for individual users. In November 2008 we will roll out a new discussion forum where all members of the site can congregate.

How should the message boards be used on

The message boards are a way of communication between members of this website if they need to discuss or talk about anything.Although the site is not a chatting website, people are welcomed to use the message boards to contact and chat with other members. It's a great way to get to know the other people on the site and talk about common interests, or things that you are doing in the community.Message boards aren't for questions and answers, though. That is what the rest of WikiAnswers is there for!!It's also important to remember that message boards here are public. This means that anyone on the site can see what you write on them.But most important of all, remember to never give out any personal or private information. Things like full names, email addressed, phone numbers, home addresses etc, should never ever be shared on public message boards. Even on private chats, it's never a good idea to share your personal information with people you do not know, no matter how friendly they seem.Chatting on the message boards must always be polite and respectful. Abuse or insults will be classed as cyberbullying which can lead to people being blocked from the site.Anyone using the message boards to spam, cyberbully, or harrass other users may be warned, and their accounts suspended.

What can you do to get a friend here and how can you go about it?

WikiAnswers is not a social networking or chat site. Although you can potentially get to know someone by writing back and forth on the message boards this is not the purpose of WikiAnswers and it does not condone using the message boards as chat rooms or friend finders. The message boards are to be used to discuss WikiAnswers questions, answers, procedures, rules etc.

Why wont it let you talk with anyone on WikiAnswers?

You can talk on the message boards and in the forum. Though wikianswers is not a chat site.

Is there any chat on WikiAnswers?

Wiki Answers is not a chat site. Though, there are Message Boards where you can correspond with other users.

How do you add people as a friend on answerscom?

It is not currently possible to add people as a friend on the site. Despite this, you can still have friends on the site and chat to them on their message boards. Remember, this is not a social networking site.

Why is there no privacy with mail on WikiAnswers?

It is true that the old message boards had no privacy. Anyone could see what was said on anyone's message board. That was appropriate enough at the time. This is not a social networking site nor an email site. The message boards are mainly there to facilitate the primary goals of this site. If you have questions about a question, answer, or other action on the site, then that is what the message boards are for. With them being publicly readable, it tended to help keep everyone on their best behavior in there. The main purpose for them was to be able to collaborate and work together.Now with the new layout, things are different. Mostly only advanced supervisors and community assistants can read other people's mail now, though if others know the correct URL sequence, they can still access them. So even now, you don't want to get into heated disputes or any inappropriate behavior in people's message boards.

Where are the love messages in this site?

Well this isn't a dating site, so there aren't any. You could tell someone you loved them on their message boards if you want, but that might be kind of weird.

How do you make friends on this site?

WikiAnswers is a Q&A site, and not a dating site per se; if that's what you are looking for, there are plenty of other sites in cyberspace to do so. For information on how to use the message boards on this site, see the Related question below.

Is it possible to chat on this site?

WikiAnswers is not set up to be a chat site. You can exchange messages on the message boards. However, you must first post on the CAPTCHA page, so it really isn't designed to be a chatty site.

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Why does WikiAnswers not have private messaging?

WikiAnswers does not have private messaging because it is not meant to be a social networking site. Since it is meant for questions and answers, anything pertaining to that should be able to be done publicly on the message boards. Email services can be used to communicate privately.

Why is the Sony Boards site down?

It is not anymore, and I do believe it was due to matinence. Normally they put a reason for closing the board along with the Message that shows up (if one does).

Is there a site that will answer any question you have on geometry you nedd help ASAP?

Why not ask it here? You can post the question and you can leave messages on peoples message boards for further help.

Is there a way to turn off the CAPTCHA in the discussion areas of WikiAnswers?

No. The CAPTCHA is there to protect us from spammers using the message boards and other parts of the site as an advertising forum.

How can you chat with friends inside Answers com?

Currently there is no chat component on You can write on other people's message boards as a way to communicate with other members on the site.

What are some senior singles dating websites?

yes, has a special site just for seniors. She can also try some message boards and chat rooms for seniors.

Can you open a board with this site that will allow an administrator to approve the questions asked before they are published to the site?

No this feature is not available but if you wish anything pre-checked, message a supervisor via their message board and they should be able to help you out.

What is the chatting policy on the WikiAnswers message boards?

Chatting on Message BoardsIn the past, idle chatter on the WikiAnswers' user message boards was frowned upon, and in extreme cases, received a block from using WikiAnswers' services at all - particularly if the user(s) involved made no real contribution to the WikiAnswers Q&A or community. Now, chatting is allowable on user message boards, except for extremes - which may receive the attention of a Supervisor with a warning message. WikiAnswers was not intended to be used as an IM (instant messaging) service all day long, so that would be an extreme. However, we would still like to have you participate and contribute quality answers or contributions to the site! Community is a part of WikiAnswers.

Why doesn't anyone write on my message board?

WikiAnswers is not a Social Media site. Perhaps no one has anything to say.

How do you contact Anna Nalick?

Best way is to go to her web site and post on the message boards because she reads there and she sometimes responds, or will post your question on her 'Journal' on her website.

Why are the message boards not private?

(Not-So) Private MessagingThe message boards on WikiAnswers were originally created as public message boards in the same format as the rest of the Wiki. Since we are a Wiki, everything within WikiAnswers is public and open to public contributions. However, WikiAnswers has begun to evolve into a more community-driven, social Q&A site. Some features of WikiAnswers have become private for only one (specific) registered user to have access to edit, such as their own profile. As WikiAnswers continues to turn more towards community, more things will be privately accessible by the registered user, and not open to the entire public - one of which may eventually be the private message boards.

How do you submit your site to Google?

You may submit your content directly to Google via their Submit Content page or, for an entire website, their Submit Your Content's Website Owner page.