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The shift lever cable may be damaged or out of adjustment.

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Q: Why wont your 1989 s10 blazer stay in park?
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89 S-10 Blazer wont go into park or stay in park?

what is going on

Why wont the CV joinjt stay connected to the trasmission on a 1989 S-10 blazer?

The snap ring may be missing at the end of the shaft.

Why wont clock display shut off in blazer?

It is designed to stay on. It will not drain your battery.

1989 Chevy s10 blazer and everything is electric why wont the speed ometer work?

The vehicle speed sensor in the transmission may be bad.

My 99 acura tl wont stay running in park it will not stay running in park have to race engine and put it in drive for it to stay running?

to me it sounds like your map sensor is going out, you might want to check that.

Your 1995 Chevy blazer will shift down into the gears and back up but it wont go into park It stops between park and reverse with the gear shift up in park?

Align the shift indicator orreplace it. Your problem is strictly column mechanical.

1989 190 e Mercedes Benz why wont it stay idleing below 2000 rpms?

check the overload relay part # 201.540.32.45

Why wont your penis stay in?

Stay in what? More information needed. It's none of your business why my penis wont stay in

Why wont your AC Engage at the pump on your 03 blazer?

Probably low on freon.

How do you reset a computer on a 2000 blazer i changed it and it wont stay running?

you could try disconnecting both battery leads for 5 mins or so. See if that helps any. There is also a computer fuse in the fuseblock.

Why wont my 2000 Chevy blazer window roll back up?

Because it hates you!

How do you open a hatch glass on a 2004 s10 blazer when switch wont work?

With the key.