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could be PO118= PO118 Engine Coolant Temp Circuit high =coolant temp sensor. Take to Auto zone or Advanced Auto (if in your area) and they will run a free diagnostic and tell you the code and what the issue is. Mine was the PO118.

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โˆ™ 2007-03-30 02:19:52
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Q: Why wont your Hyundai start after its driven and cut off?
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it is most likely your fuel pump

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my Nissan elgrand just cut out when I was driving it now it wont start can you help me

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Answer probally why it wont start !hell yeah!! that's the first place i would start! usually a car that wont start needs to have it diagnosed by a process of elimination such as disconnect or by pass the alarm/start disabler to see if it is working?

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replace the crank shaft sensor cheap and easy

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i have a 2001 Toyota Tacoma truck and had an accident and know my truck wont start and i don't have a manual, can you tell me were i can find the cut off switch , thanks.

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Only Found on the Matrix

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This problem could be down to the fuel pump its self or the injectors also consider having the stop solinoid cheacked out. From oliver

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2000 Hyundai tiburon wont go to fourth gear Runs great 1 2 and 3 but wont kick in to fourth I don't think its the transmission but an electrical problem Any ideas?

Check your O/D switch on the shifter, if the light doesn't come on the dash saying "OD Off" when you push the button in then its possible the wires have been pinched or cut. I have a 2000 Hyundai accent, the wires that go to the switch looked like they had been pinched, after fixing them after about a month the tranny started going into 4th.

When you try to start your 94 Honda Accord you cant hear the fuel pump and it wont start sometimes you hear the fuel pump and it starts?

yes and i just replaced the pump and i checked the relay but sometimes it will start then i hear a cut back then the check engine light comes on

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