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Obviously if it will not start, there IS something wrong with it.

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When i do something wrong i start to cry even though i don't want 2 plus when i get hurt even though it doesn't hurt i start to cry but i don't want to?

dont worry it will be fine

Can you still love your Ex even though we broke up?

There is nothing wrong with always having love for someone even though you are no longer with him or her as long as you understand that you can still love others.

Why do you call someone a hypochondric?

someone who believes they always have an illness and are dying even though theres nothing medically wrong

How can you lose your shyness around the guy you like?

Talk to him. Even though you're shy. Just do it. Even though you think you can't. You're wrong about that: you totally can, and nothing bad will happen. It's so simple, even Yoda would say it.

Why should you not use even though?

There's nothing wrong with using "even though." I imagine you've had a teacher caution you against starting a sentence with "even though" because you've been writing fragments or incomplete sentences. For example, if I say "Even though I was tired," you'd wonder why I said "even though." I could just say "I was tired." Or I could finish the rest of my thought in a single sentence: "Even though I was tired, I stayed up late to finish my homework."

Can you start a sentence with even though?

Even though I didn't want to, I started THIS sentence with 'even though'. Even though the judgment was, it stlll goes against one of the litigants.

Why are you named ANSWERS even though half your answers are wrong?

Because the other half are right.

Even though you understand nothing or even though you understand anything which of these should be right nothing or anything?

I can be:I don't understand anything you just saidI understand nothing of what you just saidEither one

What is a good sentence for even?

Depends on how you are using it. You should start with even though. Or put even though in the middle

Why do people smoke even though it's wrong?

Most people start smoking when they are young so they seem more like grown ups.

Who had the first theory of the universe even though they were wrong?

Claudius Ptolemy

How long was hittler homeles?

There was never such a man. Even if he did exist, he did nothing wrong.

What do you do if you were reported on animal jam and you did nothing?

To be honest, nothing actually happens if u get reported, even if you actually did something wrong.

Do you like marshmallows?

yes i like smarshmellows even though i spelled it wrong

Who theory of the universe was held as law for thousands of years even though you were wrong?


Why will he not bring a gift for your child on his first visit and he sees nothing wrong even though your child gives him a welcome present?

Maybe he didnt know about the child or he forgot or he didnt have enough cash!

Is it right to call your ex-boyfriend to apologize and asked him to take you back even though you did nothing wrong?

I say u txt him and ash him if you can talk to him and to apologise and then ask him another time

If you start shaving even though you don't have to will facial hair start to grow?


Is it right for gays to marry?

Yes. There is nothing wrong with gays marrying even though in the past it was believed to be wrong. Religion does not play a role in government.

Why do scientists use Dalton's theory even though parts of it have been proven wrong?

Scientists use Dalton's atomic theory even though parts of it have been proven wrong as the basis of other discoveries. His theory about atomic elements being the same was wrong but has been used for a long time even to the discovery of isotopes.

What was the fate of many Japanese Americans?

They were unconstitutionally interned, had their businesses and homes taken from them and they were not released until long after the war was over even though the Supreme Court judges ruled the internments were wrong. They had to start over with nothing. They did get some reparations for the US about 40 years later. That was a big blight on the Americans.

Is it wrong if you like your boyfriend but your not sure how you feel about him even though he was your first?

no your just confused about him

Who is theory of the universe was held law for thousands of years even though it was wrong?


How do you mend my old friendship?

if the problem started because of your friend you do not have to say sorry beause you did nothing wrong, start at the bottom by simply saying hi, then continue to talk more even by phone if you have to, start hanging out again and you build u from there.

How do you get your car to start even though the battery is not dead and it makes no noise?

this could possibly be a starter problem if batt is good but your getting nothing then check your starter this would be the case connect it

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