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The instrimunt cluster is probly bad and that is one expensive part I would try to get a used one but you may not be able to trust it The instrimunt cluster is probly bad and that is one expensive part I would try to get a used one but you may not be able to trust it

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Q: Why wont your gauge needles move?
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Are 16 gauge needles the same size as 16 gauge piercing?


Which is thicker 18 gauge or 12 gauge metal needles for bead craft?

The 12-gauge is thicker.

Why do small needles have larger gauge numbers?

Because it follows the french gauge system.

Can you adjust a 14 st gauge knitting pattern to a 12 st gauge by changing the size of needles used - up or down a size?

If you want to go from a 14st gauge to a 12st gauge, you need larger sizes needles.

What gauge needles are commonly used for drawing blood?


What gauge is the butterfly needle?

Butterfly needles come in several gauges - 21, 23, and 25-gauge.

What will happen if you use knitting needles that are larger than the yarn instructions call for?

Your gauge will be different and the size of the garment will be different, unless you accommodate the larger needles with a new gauge, and recalculate the fit.

What is the cluster fuse?

it is a fuse that protects the gauge cluster if too much electricity is thrown at it. it affects the gauge needles, gas needles, etc. if none of that stuff is working, check the "cluster" fuse first.

How do you change gauge needles?

You don't usually. Normally you change the gauge or the gauge pod. Put if they are changeable you pull them off and push on new ones. (after exposing the gauge of course.)

1 micron is how much gauge?

Metal, wire, needles, shotgun bore? What kind of "gauge?" How many kittens in a rainbow?

What biome has thick waxy leaves?

The tropical rainforest does not have thick waxy needles. The coniferous forest has thick waxy needles so that water on the needles wont easily be evaporated.

What size gauge needle do you use to start iv in an infant?

Butterfly needles

Why does your 2001 Envoy needles bounce but wont start?

Weak battery

Can yersinia pestis move?

yes with its needles

What is the best way to cure pins and needles?

The best way to cure pins and needles is to move around often. Sitting for long periods of time will cause pins and needles. Try to move the affected area as much as possible.

Are knitting needles allowed on united airlines flights to china?

If you have bombs planted in them it wont be necessary. Or if you are like Naruto you wont be able to

How many inches are 44 stiches in knitting?

That depends on your gauge. I have a pair of socks on my needles right now. My gauge for these socks is 11 stitches per inch. 44 stitches in that gauge would be 4 inches. (44/11) I also have a sweater on another set of needles. The gauge for that sweater is five stitches to the inch. 44 stitches in that gauge would be 8.8 inches. (44/5) It's a big difference.

For injecting insulin which disposable syringe has the finest needle?

The syringes used for insulin administration can be fit with many sizes of needles. The finer needles have a higher gauge number....a 28 gauge needle is bigger/fatter than a 31 gauge needle, which is considered ultra-fine. The size of the syringe depends on the amount of insulin to be injected.

Is a sewing needle a size 20 gauge?

It depends, sewing needles come in all different sizes.

What can 18 gauge needles be used for?

18 gauge needles can be used for any piercing as long as you ask for it. Most standard piercings are pierced at either 14 or 16 gauge. Personally, I asked for my septum to be pierced at an 18 gauge so the jewelry wasn't as bulky and was easier to hide. Just keep in mind that if you get anything pierced with an 18 gauge needle, you need 18 gauge jewelry. Trying to shove standard size jewelry into it (especially if it isn't fully healed) could cause irritation, infection, or rejection.

Why shouldn't you use sewing needles for self piercing?

because the needles are not sterile, the proper sharpness nor the proper gauge. This is an easy way to get an infected, crooked and not to mention Painful piercing.

How do i reset the gauge needles on a 1999 Sebring Convertible?

Are they flipped all the way around? I had my Caravan do the same when the battery went dead. I actually had to remove the gauge cluster and manually move them back. I am not too familiar with the sebring but since they are made by the same parent companies it shouldn't bee that hard to do yourself.

Why do the needles sit at the back of the tube of a tattoo machine?

that is just the way it is! the needles move backwards and forwards really qiuickly, and by having them at the back it enables them to move quicker. hope that answers your question xx

What is needle with the smallest gauge?

For piercing, 18 gauge. that's the same gauge as a standard earring. There is also a 20 gauge which is a little smaller than an 18 gauge and rarely used for body piercing. There are smaller guage needles for medical use. 25 gauge is the smallest typically used in outpatient health care settings.

How much would it cost for horse needles?

Needles used to inject medication into livestock vary in cost depending on gauge and length as well as whether they are purchased in bulk or a few at a time. Cost is anywhere from a few cents apiece to 25 cents apiece.