Why would Chevy beretta gear indicater not match gear?

I assume this applies to the console-shifted automatic transmission? It is a fairly common problem that usually results from a plastic clip inside the shift plate coming loose with time. You can easily fix this by parking on a flat level surface and engaging the emergency brake. Shift to Neutral and shut the engine off. You may want to block the rear tires, just in case. Using a small flathead screwdriver, pull out the metal staple from the back of the shift knob. It should now easily slide up off the shifter. Pry up around the edge of the shift plate, working your way around it until the entire plate pops out. Remove the shift plate and examine the underside. There is a white plastic enclosure running down the center. This houses the shift indicator. Remove the screws holding the housing together and inspect the internal components. There is a clip that slides in horizontally along teeth in the indicator strip, "locking" it into place. Remove this clip and aligned the shift indicator with the hole in the gray/black outer shroud. Place the indicator so that the red/orange area is in the Neutral position, and "lock" the indicator in place. If you want, apply a dab of super glue to the clip, to prevent it from loosening up again. Reassemble the housing, and reinstall the shift plate. Reinstall the shift knob, and insert the staple. Test the indicator by shifting through all gears. Lines up good? You're done!