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it could be the headlight relay. if not it may be in the switch.

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Q: Why would My parking lights work but my headlights don't?
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Why does your headlights work when your tail lights dont and your tail lights work when your headlights dont on your 94 ford ranger splash?

one of two things, BAD EARTH, or Relay switch.

Why wont tail lights work but headlights do?

my headlights work but my taillights and dash light dont work whats wrong

What do you do if the headlights on a 1997 Chevy Camaro come on when key is turned on?

You have a twilight sentinel. Deal with it or sell the car. Or if you dont want the lights too come on you could just pull the parking break up one click with the engine off and then start it. and if you want your lights on you can just take the parking break off

When you turn your park lights on they work fine but when you turn your headlights on they dont stay on what should you do you know you need to check the switch but you cant get the plastic casing off?

Depends on the year, make and model. Pre-1968 US cars were generally wired to shut the parking lights off when the headlights were on, with few exceptions. This is the normal operation. If it really bugs you, you can jump a wire between the tail light and front parking light lines.

My 92 integra parking lights dont work?

If all other lights work then make sure that the parking light bulbs are good. Check for a parking light fuse and relay, to insure that the work properly.

Why dont Parking lights on sequoia turn off?

A bad relay could be the reason why the parking lights on the Toyota Sequoia won't turn off. Swapping the relay out with another one may fix this problem.

Why do your hazards work but not your turn signals and your brand new headlights only one works on bright parking lights dont work but hazards do not?

It's probably time to replace your headlight switch. Had a similar problem on my '95. A new switch fixed her right up.

Mazda mx3 Driving Lights and cluster lights dont work why?

The multifunction switch that allows you to turn you headlights is broken. The only way to find out is to replace it or take it to a mechanic.

Why does the brake lights stay on after you turn the headlights on and off on your ford?

I dont know because i dont have a FORD Check your brake light switch on the back of your brake pedal for adjustment.

How do you tell 46-47-48 Fords apart?

46 ford the park lights are under the headlights 47 fords the park lights are in the grille sorry dont know about a 48

If the regular headlights on a Suzuki do not work however the high beams and day lights work fine and the fuses are fine what could be the problem?

humm, This is strange because the DRLs (day time running lights) usually function from the same bulb as the headlights, in other words the headlights are always on so people dont forget to turn their lights on at night so if this is the case you have no problem. The only thing that might indicate a problem would be if the dash lights do not come on when the headlights are on, If this is the case then the turn signal switch could be at fault, otherwise I see no problem with the lights. Granted this could be the case or not but based on the question this is the best diagnosis I can provide, Good luck and I hope this helped

What type of lighting should cars use when parked on the highway at?

they should have thier four ways on with their parking lights on so yhe head lights dont blind anyone at night.

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