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Hi! First of all, Is the engine turning over. I have had problem with imobiliser on these cars. You need to see if you are, 1= Getting a spark 2= Getting fuel before you do anything else. Crankshaft sensors are another thing that can fail. You can pick up fault code readers quite cheap nowdays, and some times that is the only way to find some faults. The starter motors have a set of points in them that stop the engine turning over but usually when hot. If you say if it is turning over or not, I should be able to help you more...Den Actually, on all 4th generation Ceicas, there happens to be a notorious starter problem. It stemms from the problem of electrical resistance in the wires leading from the battery to the starter itself. It is suggested that a 12 Volt relay be set up directly between the battery and the Starter. I have a good idea as to how to install, but for specific instructions, go here Hope it helps. But before you go through all that, be sure to check the basics. Battery, alternator, etc.

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Q: Why would a 1987 Celica not start?
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Fuse box location on 1987 Toyota Celica?

I cannot find the fuse for the cigarette lighter for the 1987 Toyota celica

1987 celica gt-s why dont you have heat?

mine would destroy yours

Where is the water pump located on the 87 Toyota Celica?

how to replace water pump celica 1987

Is the air conditioner on a 1987 celica freon or 134a?

It would have been built as R12. It would need retrofitted to R134a.

Will a 1992 Toyota Celica motor fit in a 1987 Chevy Nova?

No. 87-89 Corolla might but doubtful. Celica is a bigger motor and it would not match up to the transmission.

When will the Celica gt4 come in the USA?

It already did, in-fact it was back in 1987! Though it was dubbed the "Turbo All-Trac" Celica.

1987 16 valve 4age Celica engine picture?


1987 Toyota Celica GTS Muffler pipe diameter size?

We have a 1988 Celica GTS and we just replaced our pipes...they were 2"....should be the same....

Replace fuel pump 1987 Toyota Celica?

its under the back seat

Why would a 96 Celica GT die while stepping on gas and then not start?

your airflow metre isnt working

1987 Celica supra and it will not turn over?

First of all after 1985 they called it Toyota supra not celica supra totaly different body style and for your answer get a big spatula.

Why would a 1986 Toyota Celica not start immediately after driving it?

It could have a leaky carburetor or injector that's causing the engine to flood.

How do you pour automatic transmission fluid in a 1987 Toyota Celica GTS?

Same place you check it.

Why do you Smell of gasoline from 1996 Toyota Celica celica gt?

I would start by checking any leaks in your exhaust and fuel filter area, if there is any leaks throughout the exhaust the smell of gasoline or exhaust may come through into the interior.

What would cause dash warning lights not come on won't start and battery is good on a 1990 Toyota Celica?

1990 toyota celica when jumper cables are hooked up dash lights turn on but the car won't turn over won't even click

Where is the ecu module located on a 1987 Toyota Celica GT?

The engine ECU are located under the center of the instrument panel.

What is the padding under the hood of a 1987 Toyota Celica GT good for?

It's just insulation-common many cars

2000 Toyota celica just clicks once when trying to start?

im having the same issue with my 2002 celica gt just one click and nothing did you ever figure this out?

Why would a 1990 Toyota Celica start and there is no sound from the electric fuel pump?

Spray a small amount of carburetor cleaner in the air intake and if it starts it is fuel related.

Why wont your 1992 Toyota celica start it turns over has spark and fuel?

If it has spark & fuel and will not start then the timing may be off.

Can you put a 1994 4.6 liter ford in a 1987 celica gts and make it pass smog?

no you can't, the size of the engines are different.

My 2000 Celica has no power at start?

My 2000 Celica was having trouble a little bit at low RPM's and whenever I would pat the throttle the RPM would drop a little bit then go up. What happened was that it would inject the gas into the cylinders but the air intake would lag and not give power to keep up with the i would check my air sensor or somethin if i were you..but i dont know whats happening with your car.

What would cause hidden headlights on a 1987 Toyota Celica gt with a 2.0 to come on and off?

The headlight motors are going out. Each headlight has a motor. If you need to replace one, it's best, (and cheapest), to do both of them.

Why would a 1987 Toyota Celica stall after a few seconds?

i once had a Nissan n13 did extensive head work to it ported polished ect would start engine stalled . check all vacuum hoses fuel lines filters ect also timingcheers good luckANSWER: You might also check to see if your fuel filter is cloged and needs replacing.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1987 Toyota Celica Gts?

Its located on the drivers side engine panel toward the bottom its very difficult to get to.