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The lighting system of all 80's fords speedometer is an independent circuit of the speedometer itself. When there is no display, one of 2 things could happen: 1-.The power line of the speedometer is damaged. Normally they have a kind of ribbon cable with cooper bands connecting between the panel, the 12V source and the sensor. Please check the ribbon cable if it doesn't have any gap in the cooper lines. 2.-Perhaps the 12V speedometer's internal regulator is damaged, you have to check if it is replaceable, if it isn

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Q: Why would a 1987 Ford Aerostar 3.0L digital speedometer light up but have no display?
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Why the speedometer and mileage gage will not work on a 97 ford aerostar.?

the speedometer does not work and the digital part that shows the milage does not come on also when you turn off motor the headlights at times will not turn off or they will come back on the van is equipmented with day light running lights.

Why doesn't the digital speedometer come on anymore in my 1991 caprice classic?

There may be several reasons whey the digital speedometer might not work. The first is that the LED light may have burned out. The second is that the fuse may have gone out. It also might have a bad speedometer cable.

How do you repair digital dash on a 89 thunderbird lx lights up but no numbers on speedometer fuel gauge doesnt work also?

If the digital dash lights up but shows no numbers for the speedometer on a 1989 Thunderbird LX, it is possible that a fuse is blown for the speedometer and the fuel gauge. There is more than one light in the dash for the speedometer.

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Why wont digital speedometer light up on a 1987 Ford Thunderbird?

Just pray for it to come back on mine always does. Also stop slamming on the dashboard.

Where is the fuse for the speedometer and gas gauge display lights in a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria?

It is in the fuse box underneath the dash. Do you have tail lights? If not, you may have a bad light switch.

Why does Toyota Prius speedometer display turn off when you turn the head lights on?

it must be a glitch on your car or... check that the dashboard light dial on your dash is not set too low.

What is the CO light on the 1995 Ford Taurus digital display mean?

The CO stands for Carbon Monoxide. You may need a new catalytic converter.

How do you reset the oil service light on the 2003 sl500?

That can only be done by a service tech, the car is so new that it will not reset even if you disconnect the battery**the above is incorrect.To reset the service light, turn ignition switch to ON position with engine off. Observe speedometer display and tachometer multifunction display. When standard display appears press up or down arrow on the multifunction steering wheel until the FSS service indicator with one or two wrenches appears in speedometer display and service deadline appears in tachometer display.Now, press the reset button between the speedometer and the tachometer for about 4 seconds or until the tachometer display shows "Do you want to reset service interval? Confirm by using the reset button" To confirm hold down the reset button again until a signal is heard. the service indicator will display the reset interval. Reset is complete.

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