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Why would a 1988 Chevy Blazer S10 with a 43 engine 6 cylinder shake?

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it might be a broken motor mount. there are two mounts located towards the bottom of the left and right side of the engine make sure you are getting spark to all cylinders. (check for Misfiring)

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Why does Chevy blazer have rough idle and engine shake at idle?

Check the motor mounts.

Why does your 2002 Chevy blazer shake when you accelerate past 60 mph?

My guess would be wheel balance.

What would cause a 95 blazer to shake when execrating?

There are several things that can cause your 1995 Chevrolet Blazer to shake when accelerating. Bad spark plugs and spark plug wires can cause the vehicle to shake. Tuning up the engine may eliminate the problem.

What causes car to shake when idle?

Cylinder misfire. Possibly failed or failing engine mounts.

What makes the engine malfunction light to blink and make my car shake in my 01 Audi?

Sounds like you blew a cylinder in the engine.

Why would front wheels shake when applying breaks on a 1976 Chevy blazer four wheel drive?

It's almost always warped rotors.

Does a harmonic balancer knock on a 305 Chevy when it goes bad?

YES it can, but the engine would vibrate and shake if it did.

What is the Spark plug gap for 1998 Chevy Metro 1 Liter 3 cylinder?

.039 to .045-----i preffered .041 it seemed to make the engine shake less. but its hard to get them to run nice and smooth. your engine might be different , i did several gap ranges . .041 worked for me, ran fairly smooth.

What causes a 1991 Chevy Blazer to shake when stopped at a stop sign?

Im not familiar with this car but it is likely to do with the engine wobbling due to lower than usual idle speed of the engine or a misfiring cylinder. Also if this vehicle has auto transmission and air-con are factors to be considered. For example, if this has auto transmission and it is kept in "D" whilst stationary, there will be load on the engine, which at idle speed can mean that the engine slows to a point where it "wobbles" with every piston stroke almost. The same will apply if air con is used when idling. If there is a misfire on any of the cylinders this can often be accompanied by a loss of power.

Why does your car shake and stall when you stop Check engine light is not on 1999 Pontiac grand am se 130000 miles 4-cylinder?

most likely one of your two coils are bad

Why does my truck's engine shake more than usual?

Possible broken motor mount(s) Can also be cylinder miss, or vacuum leak.

When my truck is idle or when you give it gas it starts to shake tramendoesly and my check engine light is blinking what is wrong?

If the check engine light is blinking , that means a cylinder misfire has been detected

Why there are 8 cylinders present in an engine why not one big cylinder of same displacement the 8 cylinders instead?

Due to the fact balancing the engine would be impossible. It would shake itself to pieces if it ever ran. It would be very heavy, shake the car apart and have no torque

What would cause the front end of a 1996 Chevy blazer to shake while driving?

bad tires, wheel alignment , bad tierod ends, start with tires may just need balanced...its the cheapest

Why does your 1973 Chevy Nova shake during turning engine off?

either the idle is set too high or your timing is advanced too far.

What causes the steering wheel to shake on a 1987 Chevy Celebrity car 2.8 engine?

if this happens at a certain speed it's probably the alignment of the tires.

What causes a 3800 engine to shake real bad in a 1996 Chevy Camaro?

Try checking your engine mounts and bolts. On my Engine was it a misfire condition,the sparkplugwire from cyl #6 came loose I have a 96 Camaro RS 3.8 L.The other time it was a small Vac Line by the Throttle body,that caused a bad shake

Your Car shakes when AC is on what could it be?

Is it a 4 cylinder? Sometimes a 4 cylinder engine will shake a little extra when the AC is running and it's at an idle. You might be able to step up the idle a little extra but 4 cylinder engines are notorious for shaking when the AC is running.

Why does your 2001 kia sportage shake with the check engine light flashing?

The flashing engine light indicates a severe engine trouble code, for example constant engine misfire. If you pull the code with a reader, you will most likely pull up misfire on at least one cylinder.

Why does your 4.6 liter engine shake when you accelerate?

bad engine mounts

Why would your cars engine shake after you kill the engine?

Because it's not yet "dead". An engine is designed to turn at a minimum amount of RPMs under that level the engine is not balanced and shakes. For the brief period after you shut off the engine the cylinder chambers are not getting the optimal amount of fuel for proper combustion until they get no fuel and the engine stops.

Why does engine shake?

Miss or vacuum leak.

Could bad spark plugs make a engine shake?

Bad engine cushions can make the engine shake. bad spark plugs cause malfunction as the car starts running.

Would bad pistons cause the engine to shake?

Most definitely. Any miss will cause the engine to shake. A vacuum leak will also cause this.

What would cause your engine to shake?

Many things could cause an engine to shake. One, for example, would be low coolant or oil levels.