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Why would a 1991 suzuki swift drip brown fluid onto your feet while driving?

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Answered 2008-05-02 16:12:14

It wants to degrade you. It sounds like the heater matrix is leaking engine coolant. the matrix is located behind the dash

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When was Suzuki Swift created?

Suzuki Swift was created in 2000.

Are suzuki swift and GEO windows interchangeable?

Geo Metro and Suzuki swift windows are interchangeable

How much horsepower does a 1500cc Suzuki Swift have?

How much horsepower does a 19 eighty's suzuki swift have

Which is the best Nissan Micra or suzuki swift?

Swift, hands down

Does 94' suzuki swift have defrost?

I have a 1994 Suzuki Swift GA 1.3L, it has Rear Defrosters and the typical heater defroster.

How to change cvt gear oil in suzuki swift?

To change the CVT gear oil in Suzuki Swift, you need a 4L can for your car.

What kind of car is a Suzuki Swift?

A Suzuki Swift according to the official Wikipedia website is a subcompact car. It's been produced in Japan by Suzuki since 2000 and in the same year it was introduced as a replacement for the Suzuki Cultus.

What size tire for a 2004 suzuki swift?

I can find no info on a 2004 Suzuki Swift. Look in your owner's manual of on the driver's door post.

How do I Decode Suzuki swift VIN?


How much engine oil is in the suzuki swift?

1.3 L Swift. 3.7 Liters.

What are suzuki five letter car names?

Cervo is a car model of Suzuki. Swift is a car model made by Suzuki.

How big is a tank of the Suzuki swift?

45 Litres

What are the Valve clearances for a Suzuki swift 1.3 sohc?

The Suzuki swift 1.3 valve clearance is in two phases. The inlet is o.25mm, and the outlet or exhaust is about 0.29mm.

What bulbs fit brake light on Suzuki swift 96?

1996 Suzuki Swift brake light part numbers: See sources and related links below.

Where can one find a Suzuki Swift for sale?

One can find a Suzuki Swift for sale on the Auto Trader website. They can also be purchased from auto123, Exchange and Mart and Carcraft. One can also purchase from their local Suzuki dealer.

In what country is one most apt to find a used Maruti Suzuki Swift?

Someone looking for a used Maruti Suzuki Swift would most likely find one in the country of India. India has such a high population, most motorists drive the Maruti Suzuki Swift because of how small and cheap it is.

What is code 19 means in suzuki swift?

Code 19 on a Suzuki Swift means not enough fuel is getting dispersed. You should check the fuel filter and fuel lines first.

My suzuki swift wont rev properly what can i check?

Check your spelling first. Capital letters for names such as 'Suzuki' and for 'I'.

How do change the headlight bulb in a Suzuki swift?

Need to remove bumper

What type of oil does a 2006 suzuki swift take?

E 10

What are the specifications of the Suzuki Swift GTi?

The engine of a Suzuki Swift GTi consists of 16 valves and 4 cylinders. Its transmission is front wheel drive while its gearbox is a manual 5 gear unit.

How do you fit rear window on a suzuki swift glx?

In order to fit a fear window on a Suzuki swift GLX, you must measure the window. Then you must cut out the window to the measurement of the window so it can slide into place.

Correct tire pressure for Suzuki swift 2006?

The tires on my suzuki swift 2006 says 51 psi max. usually you do 90% of what the tire says so 45 psi. but that seems a bit high..

Which car is better Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire or Maruti Suzuki SX4?

sx4 is the best luxury car amoung maruti cars,it,s a suzuki brend car

What is the driving distance from Swift Current to Calgary?

The driving distance from Swift Current, Canada to Calgary, Canada is 323 miles / 520 km

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