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Why would a 1995 Cadillac Sedan Deville keep cutting off while driving?


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2015-07-17 17:45:38
2015-07-17 17:45:38
I have a 1991 that did the same thing I replaced the computer control module inside the distributor under the roter for around $30.00 now it runs like a new car again...why did u change it

Possibly the Oxygen sensor needs replacing as the sympton you describe is usually what happens when the O2 sensor malfunctions

I just had the same problem with my '92. Had the Oxygen (MAP) sensor changed, and it is running great. Even getting better gas mileage.

the fuel pump harness, tends to melt, even though it is in the fuel, this is so common, after a new fuel pump, my car fltwd brghm, started dieing out for no reason, well it took a long time to find the problem, i learned it is a common prob,

i have a 95 sedan deville 4.9L and my car keeps on cuting off. Also, sometime it shuts off while driving and wont turn on until a few hours have passed by. I changed the fuel pump and fixed this problem temporarily.

Clean out your Throttle body and it will quit. Get some good carb cleaner spray, spray in the t- body and stick your fingers in there with a good rag and wipe out the carbon that is built up inside it. Let someone press down the accelerator to open the t-body up while you are cleaning it. The start the car and spray some in the t-body while it is running and stop using cheap gas.


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