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I am not a mechanic but since both items are electrical in nature, they could be shorting each other. It could be somewhere in the steering column, fuse- dash area. My 98 Ford on hard turns brings the gas gauge down to empty and there it stays. For me this is probably the electronically wired floater on the fuel pump wearing out ($120 for a 2 prong wire, floater and two wires coming out of a small circuit).

You don't say whether the engine cuts out like a switch has been turned off or if it splutters to a halt. Normally when it cuts out like a switch has been flipped it is electrical. If it splutters and dies it is a fuel problem. If your tank is only a quarter full and the pickup pipe inside is on the right. A violent turn to the right would 'slosh' the fuel to the left which could cause the pipe to suck in air. As you know your engine requires fuel to run as well as air. No fuel no, brum brum.

If the engine fault is electrical in nature, then there could be a break in the wiring which is is 'made' when driven normally but 'breaks' when turned sharply. That could be anywhere, not just around the steering column. It might be found by running the engine and then gently moving the wiring to see if you can find the loose connection or damaged wire. It would have to be somewhere along the ignition circuit. Beware of moving parts and hot components and exhaust in the engine bay. Intermittent electrical faults can be an absolute nightmare to find. It may be a case of taking it to a professional auto electrician and leave it in their hands.

I had this fault on my escort diesel van it gradually got worse after taking it to local garage they found it was fuel problem with filter, changed fuel filter not done it since

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Q: Why would a 1997 Ford Escort stop when making a sharp turn to the right when the fuel tank is one-quarter full?
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