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If the clunk is in the transmission then it may be time to replace in that there is a history of some problems with the electronic transmission. Check the mileage and maintenance history. If it sounds like it is in the front suspension as your inquiry implies, it may simply be that the sway bar bushing and links are dry and/or in need of replacement. You might also check out TSB 23-01-97A (Front end noise upon deceleration) and/or 19-14-97 (Tie rod - popping in front end). Good luck!

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You hear a clunk when you turn a corner and go over a bump it sounds like it coming from where the suspension is would it be the tie rods shocks or struts?

I had the same problem with my 92 voyager when I bought it. For me it turned out to be the upper spring plates on the front struts. Had them replaced and it's been quiet ever since. NOTE: You might have to do an alignment if this is you situation as well.

What causes a clunk on left turns on your dodge shadow?

Worn CVC joint. Could be bad struts causing the spring to bind. Depends how severe the clunk is. If it is struts, it sounds like the floorboard is getting hit by a sledge hammer.

Why is there a clunk in rear end of my 99 ford ranger?

If the clunk is most noticeable at takeoff or when coming to a stop, the u-joints on the drive shaft probably need to be replaced.

If your struts have been replaced two times and the mounts have been replaced in the past 4 months and the car rides as if the struts sound old what could the problem be on a 1998 Camry XLE?

were the struts put together right? squeek- possible control arm bushings clunk- spring pads "struts", control arm bushings, swaybar links or sway bar bushings, loose steering parts depending at what speed

What could it mean when there is a clunk in the rear end when turning right or left?

the clunk you,re hearing when turning could be either the stabilizer bar is loose or it,s bushings are worn. Also if your vehicle is equipped with rear struts (instead of coil or leaf springs) they could be worn or out of allignment. Rear struts must be alligned from time to time just like the front end on vehicles so equiped.Hope this helps and good luck,mannsvillain

What causes a sudden clunk when coming to a stop at about ten mph?

The Transmission needs SERVICED A.S.A.P Hope This Helps.

What causes your neck to go clunk on rotation?

You're a clunk-head...

Clunking sound in 1998 Sunfire GT?

Can you be a little more specific? Like where the clunk is coming from, and/or what you're doing when it clunks? FriPilot

Why would the rear of your 2001 Stratus make a clunk-rattle sound when driven over bumps at slow speeds?

If it is a cruching, squeeky kind of sound you most likely need your rear struts lubed. Minor and inexpensive.

2001 Chevy Impala clunk sound from right of car when turning only when car is in motion both at high and low speeds I had the struts mounts and bearings replaced and still problem persists?

try getting your CV Joint replaced.

What might be wrong with a 97 Taurus if there is sometimes a clunk or pop coming from the backend on the passanger side when turning?

Anyone's guess. You should take it to a shop and have them check it.

What causes noise in the Suspension of Volvo S40 2001?

Your problem is generally the strut mounts. If it's making a clunk sound... Get new struts and mounts, and possibly sway bar links. I have a 2001 Volvo s40 t4 and have had to change these before. Hope this helps

What causes a Clunk noise when going over a bump?

Can be a loose shock, or loose suspension parts. Can also be loose exhaust system parts. I had a car that made a front-end knocking sound on bumps. Any little bump would do it. Turned out to be bad struts.

What is an onomatopoeia for a bus accelerating?

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What goes 99 clunk?

A centipede with a wooden leg

Why does your car clunk when you take off from a stop?

It shouldn't ...

1991 lebaron convertible metal clunk sound over bumps and turns replaced shocks no bent suspension pieces any ideas?

Check control arm bushings and other suspension parts specifically front swaybar bushings- these were a known problem for Chrysler- your dealer stocks them

91 dodge shadow with 58000 original miles the car runs great except for a clunking sound in the front end going over bumps it doesnt pull or anything what could this be?

My 91 Shadow with 100,000 miles had the same problem. Ended up changing the front struts, motor and transmission mounts. Problem solved.AnswerIf the clunk is not very loud, the problem could be that the front stabilizer bar bushings are worn or hardened. i have an 89 that did the same thing . it was the struts.

What would make a loud clunk noise in a passenger side front tire when turning right?

After replacing the struts, CV joints, tie-rod ends etc....the noise is still there. I found it's actually the top strut bearing plate that wears out. They are available at some auto parts. ....this is the source of the noise....

What sound does silver make when you hit it?

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Why when i take off clunk?

You may have U-Joint problems

What is the metallic clunk when you let your foot off the gas?

U joint

2001 ford f250 front axle noise clunk on braking and a clunk when I go into 4x4 on fly.?

Don't switch on the fly, that's just stupid. You'll need a whole system overhaul.

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