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Why would a 2500 GMC van not run faster when you hit the gas?


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2005-03-10 21:34:26
2005-03-10 21:34:26

Fuel system , electrical systems , spark plugs faulty or incorrectly gapped , faulty coil , brakes binding , transmission fluid level incorrect , clutch slipping , fuel filter clogged and/or inpurities in the fuel system , emissions control system not functioning properly , bad fuel ( octane ) , plugged or sestricted catalytic converter ? . Low or uneven cylinder compression pressures ( test ) will detect leaking valves and/or a blown head gasket


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I just drove from Ohio to Arizona with a 1989 GMC 2500 and averaged 15.5 mpg.

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That would depend on whether it is gas or diesel. I can fax the instructions to you with the vin number of the truck.

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2500 x $3.50 = $8750.00 if you got 1 mile / unit of gas for $3.50

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my nephew just done it you have to drop the gas tank down to remove the fuel pump

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