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Why would a 95 T-Bird be leaking coolant and why would the speedometer not work under 30 miles an hour?

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βˆ™ 2004-08-24 10:43:14

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There are hoses, gaskets amd water pump which cause leaking. Check it out where the coolant is comming from.. The speed sensor is probablu bad.

2004-08-24 10:43:14
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My 1998 Chevy Malibu is overheating but not leaking coolant. the coolant in the coolant tank turns brown instead of the normal light green y is this?

The coolant in a 1998 model has dex cool antifreeze. It is red in color and not green. It is suppose to be good for 5 years or 150000 miles.

How do you change speedometer on a Mazda 3 from miles to kilometers?

If you are in the United States you cannot change the speedometer on the Mazda 3 from miles to kilometers. The only option available is miles.

Your coolant is leaking into the oil is it ok to drive to shop about 20 miles?

well since i am sure that you didn't catch the problem as soon as it happened. you were probably driving it before with coolant in the oil. just check your fluids and make sure you have plenty of both of them. i don't think that another 20 miles would hurt it.

When you look at the speedometer in a moving car you can see the car's what?

what you see when you look at the speedometer is the average distance you have traveled. notice the speedometer says mph Miles Per Hour how many miles you have traveled per hour.

What if your speedometer is recording the miles but not showing the miles per hour?

Then it is time to get it fixed.

Why is your 2004 PT Cruiser overheating?

chk coolant, chk coolant hose to turbo if it's a turbo. my hose was leaking causing overheating. My 2006 had a clogged heater core causing flow problems. Also the cooling fan is known to fail after 100k miles.

What is the unit of measurement for speedometer?

Speedometer measure thing in mph (Miles Per Hour) or kph (Kilometers Per Hour).

What is measured by an speedometer?

km/h or miles per hour

If a 2001 Chevy Prizm is leaking oil and empties in about 3000 miles what could be leaking?

its the PCV valve

1990 Nissan Maxima speedometer odometer stopped working at 198000 miles?

If the speedometer breaks, it effects the odometer. Check the speedometer cable it may be broken, even under the insulation.

How many miles in 1 hour?

if your speedometer says 60 miles per hour as you are driving down the highway and if you keep that constant speed up for one hour you will have travelled 60 miles, assuming your speedometer is calibrated correctly.

What and speedometer measure?

A speedometer measures the speed a vehicle is traveling in miles per hour (MPG) or kilometers per hour (KPH).

Why is your odometer not working but your speedometer is?

The odometer is separate from the speedometer. The odometer counts how many miles you have driven total, while the speedometer shows how many miles you will travel in an hour if you maintain a given speed. You should immediately take you vehicle to a qualified service technician, and get the odometer fixed.

What type of speed does an automobiles speedometer display?

miles per hour

Can you drive 4 miles without antifreeze or coolant?

Can anybody drive a vehicle (F-150) 4 miles without any antifreeze or coolant?

Why do Toyota sienna transmission leaking after change new transmission and ran 5000 miles?

why do toyota sienna transmission leaking after change a new transmission and ran 5000 miles?

Is it okay to drive a car to an auto shop less than 2 miles away when your car has been leaking coolant?

If it is in the winter make sure the radiator is full of water with antifreeze before starting the car. If this leak is not too severe it should be ok to drive a couple of miles to a mechanic.

When should the coolant be changed on your 1999 LHS?

Coolant is typically changed every 30,000 - 50,000 miles.

Why would antifreeze be leaking from right side of Montana van?

intake manifold gasket is leaking. They are famous for it around 80000 miles

Has any one ever had leaking shock absorbers in a rav 4 2005 only 36000 miles?

I have a leaking shock on a 2009 RAV4 with 6000 miles on it. So much for Toyota reliability.

You have 2000 Nissan Quest I have a small amt of coolant leaking Nissan said it is my cylinder head gasket I have 54000 miles Should this be happening i am not overheating or pushing any smoke?

It may be that someone before may have ran it hot and had it repaired but a lot of times after the repair it needs to re-torqued.If this does not happen then it could be leaking like you say it is .... GOOD LUCK

You put 265r 16 and the truck calls for 245r16 what is the difference in speed going 50 miles ahr?

The easiest thing to do is to go to a speedometer shop and have them recalibrate the speedometer.

Does a Speedometer measures in kilometers or meters?

Any speedometer, on a bicycle, car, boat, or airplane, will read in either kilometers per houror else in miles per hour .

When does the speedometer roll over in a 1974 Nova?

At 100,000 miles. and then it starts over again.

How far can you drive a car without coolant?

4 miles in winter2 miles in summer