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Have them check the PCM on the car. I JUST had this problem with my 99 Cavalier and the mechanic had to pull everything out of my dash before he found that my PCM was fried somehow. Just so you have symptoms to compare to, my dome light and dash indicators would all light up and work fine, but when you would try to start the car it would not even click. It acted like my battery was dead. I had to jump start my car every time I got in.

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Q: Why would a 96 Chevy cavalier that has just had the alternator changed not turn over the battery checks good?
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Why does the battery light come on intermittently the alternator has been changed battery checks good the lights flicker when battery light is on and light goes out after car is restarted?

Battery light usually means alternator not charging. Most common solutions would be be a bad alternator, bad connection, or loose alt belt.

Why is my 1984 alternator charging constant 16.3 volts?

If the battery checks out okay, you can replace just the voltage regulator inside the alternator.

1994 Mercury Grand Marquis. The battery light stays on and causes a drain It goes out when the ignition is off Any ideas Difficult to start and stalls. Changed alternator and battery checks ok. Help?

The battery light isn't an indicator that the battery is always bad. What the light should really be is a picture of an alternator, but most people wouldn't recognize that. Have the alternator checked off the vehicle to make sure it is good, then have it checked on the vehicle, (many places like Auto Zone do this for free). If it's not charging on the vehicle, you could have an alternator fuse bad or your car might even have an inline fuse between the alternator and battery. Many Ford products have a large fusible link between the alternator and battery, and if it's bad, there is no power going to the battery from the alternator. Good Luck!!!!

Why won't a 1998 ford contour start after the battery is replaced and alternator checks out good?

u might need a new starter

Why does your battery die and car cut off when its hot and you have the ac on in summer time?

Because the ac uses juice from the battery, if it uses all the energy, the car wont start Just as in winter, when you have the heating on, the AC uses the heating fan to circulate the cold air. It is the fan that takes the current from the battery and if the battery is not holding it's charge or the alternator is not charging the battery then the battery will die and the car cut out. It this situation it is best if 2 checks made, if necessary, by an Auto-Electrician. They are:- 1) The battery to see if it is holding it's charge and 2) The alternator to see if it is charging. Replace the faulty components. If the car cut's out when the battery dies this suggests the alternator may well be at fault. However the checks will confirm this one way or the other. A red light may show on the dash if the alternator is not charging.

Shut car off and most of the time the battery goes dead and have to boost the battery.But battery checks out as good?

Make sure the battery is checked out under a load. This will indicate whether the battery is capable of holding a charge.Second, suspect the alternator is not charging the battery.Third, suspect a short or a switch somewhere that is draining the battery.

Why is it important to perform a load test on your alternator?

It checks many things, connections, belt, and voltage regulator. I have never checked one with a load test. On a modern car or truck, never ever disconnect the battery from the alternator with the motor running to check the alternator. It can burnup a lot of electronics instantly.

1996 camaro 3800 was not charging you changed the battery the alt and the belt now the voltmeter in the car fluctuates wildly from half to max and the check gages light comes on?

Sounds like something might be hooked up wrong. Check alternator wires and battery cables for good/correct connections. Check for any shorting wires (maybe something got pinched when you put the alt. in) around alt. If all checks out, maybe you got a bad alternator.

Why would a new battery drain when nothing appears to be left on and the alternator checks out ok?

For a battery to "Drain" you MUST have a short somewhere or the "Glovebox" or "Trunk" light is staying on etc. etc. Battery's don't just "Drain" on there own ;-) TommyTrouble

What is the name of the tool that checks remaining battery life of a battery?


Why would my truck not recharge the battery i have a f150 1985 i want to think its the alternator i stalled it twice and it drained the battery... i replaced the battery on 5 days ago too?

I had this problem on a 1979 Mercury Grand Marquis- it turned out to be a short in the wire going from the alternator to the battery. It was intermittent, so it was very hard to run down. If the alternator checks good, the short/broken wire could easily be the culprit.Rocky_B - See my entry here for more things you might want to check:

How do you find what is causing a 1991 Jeep Chreokee 4L to not charge if the alternator checks good?

If you *know* the alternator is good, like you just replaced it, or removed it and had it tested down at the autoparts store, then it could be any number of problems. Check all cables and connections between the battery and alternator. This includes cleaning the connection terminals on the battery (they make a special wire brush for this purpose). If that is all done and the problem still exists, then it is probably a bad battery. Check the fluid levels in the battery, if they are fine then take it down to the autoparts store and have it tested as well.

Batterylight comes on and off at times?

There are a number of reasons: 1. Your battery could be going bad. 2. Battery connections could be corroded or bad. 3. Alternator could be going bad. 4. V-belt driving the alternator could be bad or loose. 5. Other loose wiring. There are a few auto supply stores and auto shops that will test your charging system for free and load test the battery. The easy checks are the connections and belt tension.

You have replaced the battery and changed the alternator on your1999 Saturn SC1 but it still starts intermittently what should you do?

Check for voltage between battery and starter. You need approx. 13and a half volts to start a car. Battery cable should be carrying 12 at least. Check Negative cable for continuity. If this all checks out and engine jerks when starting make sure timing belt hasn't stretched or that fuel pump pressure is adequate. Long distance diagnosis is difficult without hearing the problem

What is ISBMgr.exe?

ISBMgr.exe checks that you have Sony Battery, if you want to replace the battery with other brand you have to deactive this application.

Why is your check engine light on your 2000 Chevy Cavalier and evory one cant tell me the problem?

It could be a loose gas cap often times. Autozone gives free diagnostic checks. If it could be a sensor. Take off the negative cable from the battery and place it back on the battery it will reset the check engine light.

95 Geo Tracker with a brand new battery is still is hard to start after sitting over night you were told by AutoZone that the Alternator was ok Could this be the starter?

Make certain the cables from the battery to the starter and the body are good...may be a starter check out your local library for a shop manual and the checks to make.. d

How do you service a car battery or can the battery acid be changed?

Regular checks to make sure that there is enough DISTILLED water in each of the cells is the best preventative maintenance - should be done at least monthly. Do not remove the fluid from a battery - you could get severely burned by the chemicals inside. Changing the battery fluid will not prolong the life of it either. Figure on replacing the battery every two to 4 years, depending on the climate in your region.

How do you know if alt belt or battery are bad?

Check the belt tension. It should deflect no more than 1/4" dead center of the belt. Start the engine and check the output of the alternator at the battery posts. It should be putting out 13.5-16 volts. Any less or more and it is bad. It that all checks out then the battery needs to be load tested at any auto parts store.

What does it mean when it says battery not charging?

because you have just plugged it in it checks if it is a charger

How can a person tell the different between problem with the battery and the alterator?

The quickest way to test the battery is to have it drop tested this involves using a tool to apply a load to the battery which checks it's ability to hold a charge. If the battery checks OK then the charging rate of the vehicle should be checked Both of these tests can be carried out by any good garage

What would cause the battery gauge to bounce when using the turn signals on a 87 celebrity sedan?

In many cases, battery charging gauge fluctuations are a symptom of the charging system not keeping up with the additional electrical demand of a blinking light or wipers or other intermittent electrical drains. I would first have the battery checked to see if it is holding charge. If the battery checks out OK, the likellihood is your alternator is failing. More than probably it is your alternator. Ya probably one of the six diodes in the bridge are open, Or the brushes to slip-ring connections are jumping (dress slip-rings and replace brushes. GETERDONE!

How 911 changed airport security?

it checks 100% of bags instead of 5%

If your car stops accelerating and it takes a while for the engine to rev Whats wrong with your car?

Unfortunately it could be one of many problems. Check your spark plugs and make sure they are not foul or worn to a disasterous point (do this first as it it least costly). Your timing belt could need adjusting. It could even be your battery or alternator (free battery and alternator checks at most auto parts stores - some will do it without you having to remove them - some won't). There are more possibilities but this is a good start!

What is the function of a batery hydrometer?

a hydrometer checks the state of battery charge using specific gravity.