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A battery is for starting the vehicle. After the vehicle is started, the alternator takes over. Your battery is bad.

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What could cause gauges to lose power and start working again several times in a trip in a 99 Saturn SL1?

something to do with diagnostic codes. you need to have the codes read. I'm having battery problems with my Saturn and it seems to happen then.

What battery can you use over and over again?

You can use a rechargeable battery over and over again.

What battery can be used again and again?

A rechargable one.

What should the battery cold cranking amps be on a ford e-150 van?

If you can put your question in again saying the model year and engine size I will try to find the original size battery that came from the factory

When you put a battery in the freezer does it make the battery work again?

No actually from what i learned it drains the power of the battery.

How can you turn on your phone when the power button won't work?

take out the battery in the back of your phonethe blow on the battery ,all sidesput the battery back inthen try turning on the phoneif that doesn't work you need to search again and again and again

Why do i have to disconect car battery for car stereo to work again?

You may have to disconnect and recharge your car battery for your car stereo to work again.

Car starts for 10 minutes but then dies and loses all power for 5 minutes then starts fine again Battery is fine before and after any thoughts Its a 1977 trans am with a 455 in it.?

More info. What kind of car ?

What does a heater core in a 1997 dodge Saturn heater core look like?

There is no such thing as a 1997 dodge saturn! Try again.

What are the outer planets called again?

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto

What is meant by solar battery chargers?

Solar battery chargers are a great option for powering your devices at home or on the go. They are powered by the sun and can be recharged again and again.

What type of battery can be used again and again?

A rechargible one most common in aa's

I unplugged the battery and now car subaru outback won't start?

You unplugged the battery and it won't start? What's the problem, maybe no Electrical Circuit? PLUG UP THE BATTERY and try again or get a GOOD BATTERY and try again or check FUSES/RELAYS.

How strong is the gravity at Saturn?

On Earth, gravity at the equator is 0.99732 gOn Saturn, again at the equator, it is slightly less, at 0/914 g

My phone froze what do you do?

Remove the battery and insert it again.

Which of the following defines anxiety disorder?

Anxiety is when we repeatedly think over and over again (obsessing) worrying thoughts about the future. These are fear-based (FEAR = false expectation appearing real) thoughts about an event that has not yet occurred. Relieving anxiety is about learning to master our thoughts rather than having them master us. Again meditation can be a wonderful tool in teaching us to master our thoughts.

How to reset the day time running lights on a 2003 Chevrolet Venture?

You disconnect your battery and then reconnect your battery again.

How do you reset computer in Saab after disconnecting the battery?

There is nothing to reset. The computer will function normally when you connect the battery again.

Can a corroded battery be cleaned and used again?

Technically yes it can if it still have power, also it depends on why type of battery.

What happens when a battery gets hot?

It starts to work again.

Why robots are not get tired?

Because rohot have battery and it can charge again...

Do you have to drain the car battery fully before charging it again?


What exactly is a lithium ion battery?

A lithium ion battery is a battery that you can recharger over and over again. It allows you to be able to just charger the battery so you do not have to keep buying batteries for your devices.

How do you get a door to its original color again after you painted it with a totally different color?

Repaint it with the original color.

How do you know if the alternator or magneto is bad?

If you charge the battery up and it will run and start for a while and then dies again you know its not getting charged. If you charge the battery up or jump it off and it is dead again the first time you cut it back off its a bad battery.