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There are window motors under the panels. Very common for them to go bad

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Q: Why would a Dodge Caravan rear small windows not work?
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Would Dodge Intrepid rims fit a dodge caravan?

No...the rim will hit the caliper on the front.

Why would a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan transmission fail only in reverse?

1996 dodge grand caravan 3.0 transmission fail only in revers

Will motor for dodge caravan for 2006 fit in your 2002 dodge caravan?

It would bolt in, but will not run. The tone rings for the camshaft and crankshaft position sensors are different.

When do you change the timing belt on a 2012 Dodge Caravan?

A 2012 Dodge Caravan would have the 3.6L V6. That engine has a timing chain which does not require replacement unless worn.

You Have A 1998 Dodge Caravan SE both power rear vent windows won't open?

I'm having the same problem with my 99 Dodge Grand Caravan - rear vent windows won't open. Worked fine up until early 2008. Both stopped at the same time, and I can't find a fuse for them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Todd

How much would it cost to replace timing belt on 2005 dodge grand caravan?

A Grand Caravan does not have a timing belt.

How do I determine if my 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan is a 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder?

A Grand Caravan would have a six cylinder.

Is there a kill switch on a 1996 dodge grand caravan if so were would it be?

No, Dodge does not use inertia or kill switches.

What kind of freon would you use for a 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan?


How long would a 2001 dodge caravan last?

200,000+ miles easy.

What is the electronic device on front of transmission on dodge caravan?

That would be the solenoid pack.

What kind of freon would you use in a 2006 Dodge Gran Caravan?


Would 98 Dodge Intrepid rims fit on 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Only if the tire size specification for the Caravan will fit on the Intrepid rims, if the Intrepid rims are the same size as the caravan calls for, and if the bolt pattern is the same.

Would a 1994 dodge caravan 3.0 engine interchange with a 2000 grand caravan se 3.3?

No, the bell housing patterns are different.

Where is the transaxle throttle cable located on a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan?

A Grand Caravan would have the 41TE transmission which does not have a throttle or kickdown cable.

What is the transmission fluid capacity of a 2001 dodge grand caravan with a 3.3 engine?

If i wanted to change my transmission fluid in my 2001 dodge grand caravan with a 3.3 liter engine, how many quarts would it take?

Would a burnt flasher relay prevent a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan from starting?

That would be very unlikely.

What would cause a 2002 Dodge Grande Caravan to shake in reverse?

check the motor mounts

Why would a 1989 Dodge Caravan get hot if idling with the air conditioner on?

Thermostat? or radiator? Greg

Why would a 1998 dodge caravan screech when the ac or heater is on?

Bad bearing in blower motor?

How do you rebuild a 3.0 dodge caravan engine?

I would really like some pictures if possible.

What causes P0140 on dodge 3.3 caravan?

There is a problem with the downstream oxygen sensor. I would replace it.

Where would the cabin air filter be located if not under the dash on the passenger side of a 1998 dodge caravan?

A 1998 Caravan was never built with a cabin filter.

Why would the voltage light come on and stay on in a 1999 dodge caravan?

That would happen if the alternator is over or under charging.

1997 dodge caravan dies when using the ac?

why would a 1997 dodge grand caravan dye while driving when putting the ac on. It does not dye right away. It takes time. Then when it is about to dye it jerks about three times then dies.