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Take it to the garage. Text equipment is needed to diagnoise it.

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Q: Why would a MKIV Supra not get a spark at the plugs?
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Does the Toyota Supra MKIV have rear seats?

yes it has 2

How many people can legally fit in a Toyota Supra?

4 Passengers can legally fit in a Toyota Supra (MKII-MKIV).

Supra mkiv turbo 0-60mph for?

The Toyota Supra MKIV Turbo's 0-60mph time is;Japanese Turbo model= 5.1 seconds.US Turbo model= 4.6 seconds.

Is a Nissan Skline GT-R faster than a Toyota Supra?

Stock Vs. Stock = The R34 GT-R is faster than a MKIV Supra off the line and on top end. Comes stock with 331 HP Vs. The Supra's 320 HP and the GT-R has AWD (All Wheel Drive). The R33 GT-R is also faster than the MKIV Supra the R33's came in at 276HP detuned for Japan's Gentlemen Agreement but simply raising the boost to normal 8PSI they produced 330 HP again 10 more HP than the MKIV Supra with AWD in it's favor. Keep in mind the Nissan RBDETT is about .4 less in displacement than the 2JZ GTE's 3.0 number ;) The MKIV is faster than the R32 GT-R though. The GT-R R35 will crush a stock MKIV Supra as the R35 is rated at 475 HP on it's AWD system compared to the MKIV's 320 HP.

Where could one purchase a Supra for sale?

One can purchase a Toyota Supra for sale from the following websites: Zillow, MKIV, Greater Than Games, Autos AOL,, Auto Traders, Supra Turbo, Supra Store, Supra Trader Online, Amazon, Top Speed, to name a few.

Can you put a V12 engine into a Toyota Supra MKIV?

It has been done, a company called Top Secret did it. There is a lot of custom work to make one fit.

Where is the flasher relay on a Toyota supra mkiv?

please let me know as well. I do not have signals or emergencies at all! Did you fix yours yet? Thank you everyone! oh mine is a 94TT if it helps.

How fast can 2001 Toyota twin turbo supra go?

umm theres not an 01 supra they was not produced after the late 90s Actually the MKIV Supra was Produced from 1993-2002, they only stopped US production in 98, but continued Japan production till 2002. Since Japanese restrictions are different than US, who knows, but stock is said to be 155MPH. Boost logic did 246.2 in a mile, if they had 3 miles to go....who knows! Good question.

What is the best engine suitable for a 1992 Toyota supra twin turbo?

You are only slightly right, in the states there was the 7MGTE (single turbo) from 86.5-92..... then the 2jz came about in the mk4 which had the TT option later on. but to answer the ? about the twin turbo supra in 1992 they made a TT model in japan the engine code is 1JZGTE it is a 2.5ltre twin turbo 87-92 which in my opinion is and awesome motor , they also had the 7mgte in earlier models of the mk3 the 1992 supra came with a single turbo and not a twin turbo. the twin turbo came to-be a year later in the 1993 MKIV generation supra.

Where is the oil pan in a vw golf mkiv?

under the engine, derrr

What is value of colt mkIV series 80 45acp fg92280?

100-700 USD or so

How much is a colt model MKIV series 70.45 pistol workth?

value depends on overall condition.....................

How do you dis assembled a MKIV 45 cal?

Best to ask a gunsmith for help or ask Colt for a manual

What was the date that this colt series 80 officers model acp MKIV 80 FA18778?

your answer can be found at

When was colt 1911 national match MKIV series 80 FN08947E made?

You will have to call Colt to find out.

What is the value of a colt 45 mkiv series 7 auto with serial number cjnbc2984?

100-700 USD

What year is colt mkIV serial number FC36029?

You will have to call Colt. Published sn data ends in 1980

How much is your colt 45 mkIV government issue series 80 worth?

100-1000 depending on specifics

Can you put a turbo on a non turbo supra?

ALLWAYS! Many many have done so!As far as how... Depends on what Mark, MKII,MKIII, or MKIV. (As far as parts and setup) Since a turbo is powered by exhaust, you must get rid of the exhaust manifold that runs off the engine and straight to the muffler out the back of car, you must get a manifold that will let a turbo sit on it(turbo manifold) and the exhaust now goes into and out of the turbo which spins a windmill(turbine) and leaves out the back of the car/muffler. That windmill that is now powered by Exhaust gasses (EG's) has a shaft coming out of it connected to a fan (compressor) that simply shoves/compresses air into the engine. If you have the right fuel management the engine will recognize this and add more fuel for a perfect air/fuel mixture to make bigger and more powerful explosions/combustions which moves your crank harder/faster transfers power through your transmission, to the drive shaft, to the differential,to the half shafts, to the wheels. Here's some websites, if you have a MKII 82-85(some 86) supra's, go to MKIII 86.5-92 Supra go to Supramania, celicasupra has info on those engines MKIV go to Supramania/

Why does your radio in a MkIV golf get no power when the fuses are fine?

Could be a power or gound issue affecting the wires in the back of the stereo -- be hind the dash

How do you disassemble colt 380 mk4?

Go to: click on: Colt MKIV Series 80 380 Hope that helps.

What is the year of manufacture of a Colt Lightweight Commander MkIV Series 80 serial FL015XX?

You will have to call Colt. Published serial numbers stop at 1978

What happens when the hammer drops before the slide is put back on the Colt 380 MKIV?

nothing..... just re-cock the hammer before replacing the slide

When was colt 1911 government MKIV series 80 serial number FG06244 manufactured?

Sn goes beyond published references. You will have to call Colt to find out.

Will a mk4 auto tranny fit into a mk3 auto tranny?

A MKIV case can be used in place of a MKIII but not the other way around. The casting was changed. There are a couple version in each MK so you need the right one. The internals change by model and year so you cannot drop a MKIV into MKIII and expect good results. The TCM is set to the engine requirements and gearing in the tranny.