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The Toyota Supra MKIV Turbo's 0-60mph time is;

Japanese Turbo model= 5.1 seconds.

US Turbo model= 4.6 seconds.

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Q: Supra mkiv turbo 0-60mph for
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Where could one purchase a Supra for sale?

One can purchase a Toyota Supra for sale from the following websites: Zillow, MKIV, Greater Than Games, Autos AOL,, Auto Traders, Supra Turbo, Supra Store, Supra Trader Online, Amazon, Top Speed, to name a few.

Does the Toyota Supra MKIV have rear seats?

yes it has 2

What is the best engine suitable for a 1992 Toyota supra twin turbo?

You are only slightly right, in the states there was the 7MGTE (single turbo) from 86.5-92..... then the 2jz came about in the mk4 which had the TT option later on. but to answer the ? about the twin turbo supra in 1992 they made a TT model in japan the engine code is 1JZGTE it is a 2.5ltre twin turbo 87-92 which in my opinion is and awesome motor , they also had the 7mgte in earlier models of the mk3 the 1992 supra came with a single turbo and not a twin turbo. the twin turbo came to-be a year later in the 1993 MKIV generation supra.

How many people can legally fit in a Toyota Supra?

4 Passengers can legally fit in a Toyota Supra (MKII-MKIV).

What is the firing order for a Toyota Supra Turbo?

The firing order on a Toyota supra turbo is 1,5,3,6,2,4

What is the difference between a 1986 and a 1987 Toyota supra?

1986 Supra was non turbo and 1987 came in turbo and non turbo.

Why would a MKIV Supra not get a spark at the plugs?

Take it to the garage. Text equipment is needed to diagnoise it.

What type of turbo does a 1989 Toyota supra turbo have?

its a ct26

Which car is faster 1989 supra turbo 5 speed or 1985 300zx turbo 5 speed?

1989 supra turbo 5 speed is = to 1985 300zx turbo 5 speed?

How much turbo boost does a 87 Toyota supra have?

The stock boost of a 1987 Toyota Supra Turbo is 6.8 psi/0.46884349504 bar.

How fast does a Toyota supra go?

The 1998 Toyota Supra Turbo will go 167mph

What will win in a race a supra or 3000GT?

If It Is A Supra Twin Turbo That would win But if it is a regular supra the 300gt would win

Is a Nissan Skline GT-R faster than a Toyota Supra?

Stock Vs. Stock = The R34 GT-R is faster than a MKIV Supra off the line and on top end. Comes stock with 331 HP Vs. The Supra's 320 HP and the GT-R has AWD (All Wheel Drive). The R33 GT-R is also faster than the MKIV Supra the R33's came in at 276HP detuned for Japan's Gentlemen Agreement but simply raising the boost to normal 8PSI they produced 330 HP again 10 more HP than the MKIV Supra with AWD in it's favor. Keep in mind the Nissan RBDETT is about .4 less in displacement than the 2JZ GTE's 3.0 number ;) The MKIV is faster than the R32 GT-R though. The GT-R R35 will crush a stock MKIV Supra as the R35 is rated at 475 HP on it's AWD system compared to the MKIV's 320 HP.

How to fix a turbo charger for an 1988 Toyota Supra that is not working?

buy a new turbo and replace it

What engine does a 2001 Toyota supra have?

2jzgte (Turbo) or 2jzge (Non Turbo) vvti engine

How fast can 2001 Toyota twin turbo supra go?

umm theres not an 01 supra they was not produced after the late 90s Actually the MKIV Supra was Produced from 1993-2002, they only stopped US production in 98, but continued Japan production till 2002. Since Japanese restrictions are different than US, who knows, but stock is said to be 155MPH. Boost logic did 246.2 in a mile, if they had 3 miles to go....who knows! Good question.

Which would be faster a 1996 Dodge Stealth RT turbo or a Mark IV Toyota Supra?

Supra, all the way... --- well it's a supra. what do you think?

What kind of transmission is in your 1991 Toyota supra?

If its a Turbo its a R154

How do you change the spark plugs of a 1991 Toyota supra?

You have to more specific, is it a turbo or non turbo motor?

What is the 0-60 time for a Toyota supra?

The 1998 Toyota Supra Turbo does 0-60 in 5.0 seconds

Can you put a V12 engine into a Toyota Supra MKIV?

It has been done, a company called Top Secret did it. There is a lot of custom work to make one fit.

What is the top speed of a 1998 Toyota supra twin turbo?


How do you retrieve codes from 1987 Toyota supra non turbo? It is to the right of the battery.

Is possible to install on Toyota supra 1995 whit non turbo engie one twin turbo engine from the same year or its possible to install a turbo on the non turbo engine of the same supra?

yes and yes, there are many forums and articles on google with this info, along with a good write up on

Best Toyota Supra?

The best Toyota supra ever i believe it is the twin turbo. But if not still saticfied you should buy a new engine.