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Sounds like the catalyst in the exhaust is collapsing. High concentrations of raw unburnt fuel can cause the cat to disolve. unfortunately its the old chicken and egg theory. Has the cat broken down due to the engine only firing on a few cylinders, hence the low power or is the cat collapsing and blocking the exhaust stopping fumes escaping and slowing the engine down. I would first make sure the engine is not misfiring(it accelerates smoothly with no shuddering) I would definitely change the cat as this will be the source of egg smell and the damage will be done. Not a good idea to drive it like this as its only going to get worse and do more damage. Hope this helps

AnswerYou have either a leak in the heater core or a bad o ring on the connection to it
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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:17:36
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Q: Why would a Mercedes-Benz 190e make a rotten egg smell from the heat vents when you are stopped and then accelerates weakly when given gas from the initial stop?
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