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because the auto trans will automaticly move to the next gear to compensate for the speed increase. If you really want to slow down going down a hill in an automatic without using the brakes you need to select a different gear, ie:third, second, first, low etc. get it?

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โˆ™ 2005-11-07 19:02:23
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Q: Why would a automatic transmission not hold back going down hill?
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If an automatic transmission is overfilled can it be siphoned back out?

you can but it would be easier to drain it from the bottom

What transmission is in a 96 c1500 2wd automatic?

That would be the 4L60E... that is what MUST be put back in it too.

How do you take out a transmission out of a blazer?

I thought I could remove and replace the transmission in my Blazer, I did get it out but I didn't want to put it back in so I paid a local shop to come and get the blazer, transmission, and all the parts that had to be removed to get the transmission out and finish the job. I would suggest that since you are asking this question, maybe you would be better off going to a transmission shop in the first place. Mine is an automatic, a standard transmission would be much easier.

Where would the transmission dipstick be located in an automatic 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

it would be in the back midright of the motor its hard to describe but its slanted to the right.

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1995 Nissan Sentra GXE automatic transmission?

The speed sensor is in the engine compartment on a 1995 Nissan Sentra GXE automatic transmission. It is on the back of the transmission.

How do you check your automatic transmission fluid on a Renault clio rxe auto?

The automatic transmission has a dipstick that is located near the back of the engine. It is underneath the hood and has a red handle.

What BEST describes an automatic transmission shift valve?

An automatic transmission shift valve is like a swing. It is moves back and forth with the use of pressure. That is how gears are changed.

Where is the back up switch on a 1996 suzuki sidekick?

Hey dude, you did not specify if it is automatic or standard transmission. If it is Manual Transmission, it is located on top of the transmission.

What would cause my 2000 grand Cherokee automatic transmission to drop out of gear and then back in gear while riding along?

This is a common problem with these vehicles. The transmission fluid and filter need to be replaced. This is done by dropping the transmission pan.

Where is the automatic transmission dipstick on a 2003 Chevy s10?

Back passenger side of engine.

Where do you add transmission fluid to a 1993 mustang with an automatic transmission?

In the dip stick tube on the left side of the engine toward the back. It should be marked TRANSMISSION.

RPMs in a cadillac go up and down at high speed?

Your car most likely has an automatic transmission. If you're noticing the rpms going up and down it is because your automatic transmission is using its torque converter. it uses the torque converter to get the transmission up to speed with the engine and then it locks but when the torque gets to be too much for the engine it unlocks and speeds back up again.

How do you change transmission oil Renault Clio 2006 1.4 Automatic?

To change the transmission fluid in you Renault Clio you will have to remove the transmission pan from underneath the transmission. The easiest way would be to loosen your back bolts first about half way out and then loosen up the rest about a quarter of the way.

How do you change the transmission shift switch on a 1998 Saturn SL2 with an automatic transmission?

The Neutral safety switch is located on the back of the automatic transmission. it is quite simple to replace. It is probably easier to replace from under the vehicle, but it is accessable from the top if your vehicle is not equipped with ABS.

What is the bell housing?

It is located between the back of the engine and the transmission. It houses the flywheel and clutch if it is a standard or the flex plate and the torque converter if it is an automatic transmission.

What automatic transmission came in a 98 Chevy Silverado c1500 2wd pick up?

It came factory with a 4L60E transmission and that is what it MUST have put back in it.

Where is the automatic transmission fluid dipstick on a 1995 mustang?

its on the back passenger side of the motor! hope this helps!

Where is transmission dip stick on chenille 1970 automatic transmission?

where is transmission dip stick on chevelle 1970, 454, auto trans.?

Where is the transmission dipstick in a 1997 Chevy Blazer?

Assuming you have an automatic transmission the dipstick is located under the hood on the passenger side in back of the engine, close to the firewall.

Where is the transmission fluid going It is dry under car?

Depending on the type of car you have, Your transmission may have an Overflow wherein it kicks out when hot. but if you mean its constantly dry the could be the front seal leaking going back into the Engine or cooling line damaged upfront because automatic transmissions do run to your radiator to keep it cool.

Why Automatic transmission Gearshift stuck in park?

park safety switch on the back of the brake pedal is bad or disconnected

Where is the dipstick on your 1977 Chev pickup?

Automatic transmission dip stick is found in back of the engine, passenger side.

Where is the automatic transmission shift sensor on a 1996 Saturn SL1?

The Neutral safety switch is located on the back of the automatic transmission. it is quite simple to replace. It is probably easier to replace from under the vehicle, but it is accessable from the top if your vehicle is not equipped with ABS.

How do you shift a dead automatic transmission on a Toyota sienna into neutral to position it for charging?

get in under the truck and unhook the transmission link and move it towards the back two clicks

Where is the automatic transmission dipstick located on a 2001 Subaru Outback?

The 2001 Subaru all back transmission dipstick is located behind the engine, in the engine compartment. The transmission dipstick should have a yellow handle.