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Check the fuel filter first. There are many possibilities, but that's a good place to start.

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Q: Why would a car accelerate slowly and then keep losing power?
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How much time does it take for a car to accelerate from 3.44 ms to 20.9 ms?

That depends on what type of car you're driving. For example, a pickup truck would accelerate more slowly than a race car.

What would cause your escalade to lose power while you are trying to accelerate?


What would cause a 1999 Saturn sl2 to sputter when you accelerate slowly when you punch it it will rev up then kick in and wont sputter but will when you accelerate normally?


When will universal expansion accelerate?

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Why would a 2003 Impala accelerate slowly It sometimes will sputter - I have replaced the fuel filter and air filter. 3.8L?

not 100% sure, but check your fuel pump

When battery is losing power would the car alarm system be triggered?

yes, many alarms have this function.

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What is induction cleaning?

It is the cleaning of the air intake and adding fuel cleaners to the gas tank. They also add so alcohol stuff to make the engine but hotter to get rid of any deposits. I would recommend that you have if done if you have high millage and your engine is losing power when you accelerate. If you car works fin then its a waste of money.

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What would make the power windows in a 1995 Firebird work slowly?

the relay switch has gone bad or the motor is burnt out

Would a defective battery cause your car to not accelerate?


Why would your car stall if you accelerate have no power if you let up and take time to reach any speed?

Normally indicates a dirty or collapsed fuel filter element

What would cause my 1988 Mitsubishi Montero with manual tansmition to lose power stall or surge when I accelerate at higher speeds 65 to 75 MPH?

cranck sunser

What would be wrong with a car that looses power to accelerate?

It could be that u arent getting good enough spark from your wires or plug you might want to get a tune up

Calculate the force it would take to accelerate a 250 kg motorcycle at a rate of 5 ms to the second power?

F = m A = (250) (5) = 1,250 newtons

How would objects accelerate if they feel in a vacuum?

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Your 2000 Kia Sportage would not accelerate and eventually went dead what could the problem be?

Your 2000 kia sportage would not accelerate and eventually went dead what could the problem be?

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Why does a 1995 Chevy Corsica make humming noises mainly when you accelerate and when you turn?

I would start by checking the power steering fluid, sounds like the fluid may be low.

Why does your navigator hesitate to accelerate?

A faulty fuel pump would cause your Navigator to hesitate when you accelerate. Bad gasoline could also be at fault.

Why would you be losing power and why is it some time your engine light come on?

Your engine could be losing power and your check engine light coming on for many reasons. It could be your spark plugs needing to be changed. Your fuel pump or fuel filter could be clogged or starting to wear out, or your engine oil is to low.

What causes the transmission to slip and the car to accelerate slowly?

On a manual car it would probably be a worn out clutch. On an auto trans it could be a low oil level or pump problem, a torque converter fault or most commonly a slipping brake band.