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Why would a car battery keep dying?

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A car battery would keep dying because inversely, the lesser the battery is used, the dying process continues. The more the battery is used, the lesser the dying process. But the dying commences and continues , the moment the car engine is not used. Thus, as often as the car is being used, the dying "resumes" the moment tne engine stops. And the faster it is used again, the slower the dying process.
EVerytime the car engine is used, the battery recharges, thus life is given back to the battery. Once the engine stops, the dying resumes. This is why the car battery keeps on dying (everytime the car engine is not being used)

2007-07-27 17:36:08
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Why is the car battery dying while the car is running?

I have a 2001 Intrepid and my battery kept dying, so 2 tow trucks later I found out that the battery that was in my car had over heated and battery acid was leaking. After that all I had to do was replace the battery and everything is well. Hope this helps!

Would a car stall if the battery was dead?

The problem is probably the alternator. If the alternator fails to keep the battery charged the battery will keep the car running until it can no longer supply voltage to essential systems and the car will stall.

How do I make a car battery comparison?

You would make a car battery comparison by comparing which car battery seems better. You shouldn't keep the old car battery near because you can get it mixed up with the newer ones.

Why is your car dying in the middle of you driving?

it might be because your car battery is low or dead

Why is your new car battery always dying?

because your using your car too much!!!

How do you ruin a car battery?

Keep the car light on

How do you tell my alternator is faulty 2006 impala?

An alternator keeps the battery charged in a vehicle. In a 2006 Chevrolet Impala when the alternator fails the battery will keep dying and no power will be available when attempting to start the car.

Could a dead or dying airbag backup battery drain a main battery when the car is not running?

It might

How do you know if car battery is dying?

starts slow, lights dim on starting.

How do you keep a battery good if car is sitting?

Purchase a trickle charger and keep it connected to the battery.

Why would your car battery keep running down and the car is not being used?

A dead cell in the battery will cause this. Also, any light that is on pulling power from the battery. Another possibility is a stuck relay.

Does a car battery have mercury in it?

No, a car battery does not have mercury in it. It would be very dangerous to have mercury in a car battery.

Would car stall from bad battery?

It can. If the battery is dying or the electrical connections are frayed or split, then your car can stall. Take your car to an auto parts store for a diagnosis. Typically, this is a free service. If it needs to be replaced, then the store may be able to do that for you and check your connections.

Would wrapping a blanket around your car battery keep it warm. Or cause it to catch fire. Keep in mind said battery is in the trunk?

Really neither.

How do you know if a coil is working on a car?

if the car keep dying out, and loud back fire......

Can you car battery die while you are driving?

If the battery dies with the car running usually the alternator will be able to keep up, but the malfunction indicator will light up. Some models will say something like check gauges. You alternator or voltmeter will go real high. If the car is completely dying then the alternator is failing or you have bad or loose battery connections.

Does rusty car battery cables keep car from starting?

Yes it can

What is the jacket for around a car battery?

To keep ur battery at the right temp..

Is the car battery used after starting?

The battery is used to start the car, and then the alternator takes over to keep the supply of power and to recharge the battery.

Why is my car battery dying while my car is running?

The Alternator might be bad. Make sure the battery terminals are clean, and the wires are good. If you still have a problem check the fuses.

Why does my car keep cutting out?

Maybe your battery is broken...

What would make a car battery over charge?

if you charge it for too long. keep a close eye on it as it is charged.

What wiring problem would keep my car from starting?

Take of your glasses Stevie Wonder look at battery terminals

What would keep a car running after turning the key off?

A malfunctioning the ignition switch will allow the car to keep running after the key is turned off. You can remove the positive ground cable from the battery to shut the car off.

Why is your car not starting and the battery keeps dying?

Possibly a bad alternator. The Alternator charges the battery when the vehicle is running. If the battery is not being charged this could cause the vehicle not to start.