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Why would a car be stuck in park?


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One cause for the key not turning all the way off could be that the tumblers in the ignition lock mechanism are out of alignment. It could be your shift lock control awitch. torque lock. This occurs when you are on a hill and you put your car into park and it rolls back a bit. Use your parking brake! It's there for a reason! Here is a site that will help clear things up: (You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the inforomation.) It is roughly page three that covers the "shift lock release button" and the shift solenoid. If your vehicle is equipped with a "release" or "overide" button then it is almost certain the problem is with the shift lock solenoid. A failing solenoid can be affected by temperature variations. I hope this will help all that reads; it helped me. Philsy


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You say your car is stuck in park but still shifts. I would say start with checking to see if your transmission linkage is still hooked up. That would be the first place to start.

This sometimes happens when you park your car with the steering wheel turned too far to the right or to the left locking the steering wheel and trans. in park.

You need to start the car, put your foot on the brake pedal, and then you can get outta PARK!!

In the event the Audi A3 is stuck in park:

Usually the car would run cool, unless the thermostat is stuck partially open.

Some times mine get's stuck in park, what i do for mine is rock the steering gentley from side to side.If it gets stuck on a hill, then have someone sit it while another person rocks the whole car front to back.

A fuse can cause car to be stuck in park. try this. turn ignition switch on but do not start engine. then put transmission in neutral. then start engine. now try putting in gear. if this works,check your fuses.sometimes after doing this the car can be put in park and will work.doing this will sometimes just reset the switch

Park can be a verb or a noun. As a verb you would "Park the car." As a noun you would "Take the kids to the park."

you may need to lube it or your key may be bent. or you may not have your car in park or a part may be bad that is supposed to tell your car it is in park.

When this happens after i park, I Just start the car And drive it for atleast a minute. Park shift slowley, Apply the break And put in park. And then the key comes out.

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the vehicle is stuck in park how do i get it out?

The automatic Toyota may be stuck in park because of transmission problems. The transmission may be jammed or stuck in that gear.

if it is an auto check the wiring around the gearshift as this may be telling the car that it is not in park!!

make sure that the car is in park. if the car is on anything other than park the key will not come out of the ignition. took me over an hour to figure it out when it happened to me. hope this helps!

I would suspect the park pawl gear is broken.

If a Ford Focus is stuck in park, you should first check to make sure the gear is not stuck. You also need to make sure you have your foot on the brake in order to move it out of park.

A broken spring retainer in the shifter.

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