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Its not getting any power the battery terminals is the only way the source of power can get to your engine to start the car. without it, theres nothing to ignite the engine. The power that is needed to start a car engine is in the form of electricity and it is mostly supplied by the cells inside the battery. The terminals are the parts of the battery that connect to the engine. So that is why they need to be hooked up. You can actually get an engine started with a dead battery if you push it and jump the clutch because it is designed to run on its own power once it gets going. In this case, you only need to connect to the terminals to complete the circuit to the alternator, which then supplies the power. When the battery is connected to the engine, the electrical power is used to turn the engine over, which means to get all its internal parts moving. Once the pistons and valves start moving, the fuel mixture is drawn into the combustion chanmbers and compressed. Once it is compressed, another electical current coming from a coil gets distributed to each of the spark plugs in sequence, which then ignites the fuel mixture in each of the cylinders, one at time. When all the cylinders are firing, the engine can run on its own and the initial battery power is no longer needed.

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Q: Why would a car not start when you unhook the battery terminals?
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Where are the battery terminals for BMW x5?

The battery is in the boot, where the spare tire would naturally live, so I assume the terminals would be there!

Why is my 2004 Mercury Monterey make a clicking noise and won't start?

I would suspect the battery has been discharged, is defective, or you have loose or corroded battery terminals. Remove and clean the terminals and if that does not solve the problem charge the battery with a battery charger. If it will not take a charge then replace the battery.

Why will my ba falcon start with a jump start but not without one when the battery is fine?

I would check the battery terminals, probably a buildup of corrosion between the posts and the terminals, clean them up with boiling water and sandpaper till both parts are shiny clean. If you are connecting the jumper leads to the battery terminals when jump starting and it works fine then this is the only possibility.

How do you start your 01 Jimmy after you installed a new battery?

you should be able to start your jimmy up right after you install your new battery...if it doesnt, I would replace or clean your battery cable terminals and see if that works!

Why would a Ford F-150 not start and all you get is a clicking noise when you turn the key?

It could be solenoid, starter, battery, alternator not CHARGING the battery or corroded battery terminals.

Why wont your subaru legacy start after changing battery?

maybe your terminals are not tightened properly or poss and negative are wrong way around? this would drain battery. also check you have brass terminals and not steel as steel eats the electrolits in the battery. good luck

If you unhook the battery in your 1994 acura legend should it stay running?

Why do you want to unhook your battery??? If the alternator is good the car will continue to run, if it dies then you have a bad alternator this is why you would want to unhook the battery cable to check and see if you have a bad alternator

Your car would not start after driving for a period of time but jump starting would start it but if you check the battery and the alternator they are perfectly fine. stater problem?

could be a bad cable connection. clean the battery terminals and the clamps on the battery cables. if it continues to do it, check for a bad ground cable from the battery.

What would make a 2001 Dodge Dakota just click when you try to start it?

Check both battery terminals mine did the same thing but battery was 100% tightened terminals and no problems.... if corrosion on terminals a baking soda + water concoction removes corrosion very easily. usually a click is a dead battery or an incomplete circuit. Best of luck

Why would a 1987 Nissan Sentra not start but after push starting is fine for a while?

Start with checking the battery terminals for corrosion, then the wires going to the starter. Be sure everything is clean and tight. Also have the battery checked

What would cause your car not to start with a fully charged battery?

Corrosion on the wires, bad starter or starter solenoid, worn flywheel or flexplate, many things. Even just corroded battery terminals could cause no start.

Why would a pickup truck have two positive terminals and two negative terminals that go to the battery?

Are you are talking about a dual terminal battery? This battery can be used in a side mount or top mount configuration whichever applies.

1997 gmc Suburban was pausing before it would start Now nothing engine will not turn over at all battery terminals are clean and battery has a good charge?

bad starter, or wire to starter

How would you know if your alternator is bad?

the most obvious sign would be that the light on the dash would be on. but if you start the car and put a voltmeter on the battery terminals it should read between 14v and 14.5v

What is the use of battery acid in battery?

It's function is to provide a 'path' for electrons to flow between the positive and negative terminals. Without the acid, the plates attached to the terminals would simply be surrounded by air - which would not conduct electricity.

What would cause a 2001 zx2 ford escort not start after a new battery was installled and is charging only start with a jump?

Perhaps you bought a defective battery, perhaps it just needs to be charged, perhaps you bought one with too low of a CCA rating, perhaps you need to replace the terminals, perhaps you just didn't tighten down the terminals enough.

1995 Kia Sportage hard to start when air temperature is cold but starts when warm outside?

i would suspect you have a weak battery, dirty terminals. there could be other possibilities but really suspect battery problem.

What is the difference between short to Battery and Open Load?

Related to a battery and open load is the battery just sitting there without anything connected. A short is a very low resistance attached to the tow terminals of the battery. For example, a wire connected across the battery terminals would constitute a short.

What would happen if the wires were switched so that they touched the opposite terminals of the battery?

it depends of what accessories or electronic devices that switched the battery terminals. for ex. starter motor it will reverse the circulation if you reverse the polarity

What would cause your car to not start?

if the battery isn't dead, or the terminals loose or dirty, number one cause - ignition problem (spark plugs not getting electricity)

Would charging the alternator up for a year cause it to not start?

No it wouldn't unless you hooked it up A$$ backwards. You should only charge from the battery. If you are not going to be running your rig unhook the battery. Check your starter and map sensor or you Crank sensor. In that order.

Why would a '84 Mercury Cougar make a clicking sound when you try to start it and nothing else?

Battery terminals are corroded no doubt... It could be the battery terminals, especially if all other electrical devices such as the dome light and dashboard indicator lights turn off when the starter clicks. If all other lights remain on but are dim, it could be a low battery. If everything stays on and the brightness of the lights doesn't really change when you try to start it, it could be a bad starter. If it's the battery terminals, clean them and use a terminal protectant to keep the terminal from corroding again. But recognize that when a battery is starting to go bad it often starts giving off acid fumes that start or accellerate the terminal corrosion process. After cleaning the terminals, take the car to one of the do-it-yourself auto parts stores and have the electrical system checked. If the battery passes, keep watching it for potential problems.

1992 cavalier z24 will not start unhook positive cable from battery and reattach then would start?

If the engine turns over but will not start your battery cable is NOT the problem. Even if it stated after reattaching the cable. Something else was the problem.If the engine will not turn over then the cable might be your problem. If you took off the cable and then reattached it and then the engine turned over then your cable was not making a good connection with the battery terminal and by reattaching it you improved the connection.

How do you turn the alarm off on a 2004 Nissan Xterra without the remote?

You would disconnect the battery terminals.

Why would a 99 marquis lose power lights dim sometimes stall when put into reversedrive on cold start?

my best simple guess would be that there is a problem with your battery.... if you can, try another battery and see if that fixes the problem... if not, the problem may lie in your electrical re-charging system, like your alternator or wiring... but, before you replace the battery, clean the battery terminals and terminal connections.