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Why would a car smell like gasoline under the body?

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There is a possibility you could have a punctured fuel line or the fuel pump could be going bad. Depending on how old the vehicle is, the fuel hoses could be old and cracked. Double check your hoses and fuel pump. The are relatively inexpensive to replace if you feel comfortable working on your own vehicle. Apart from fuel system that handles gasoline, a car also has a system called evaporative system. This closed loop system is to avoid gasoline fumes to be released into the air. The system consists of the fuel tank, gas cap, charcoal canister, purge control valve and the ECU. Failure to any of this system epecially to the canister, PCV and pipe leak will result in gasoline smell in your car. This system is the most overlooked part of a car. The car will still run smoothly if this system is busted but it will release gasoline fumes (hydrocarbons) into the air which also a pollutant.

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