Check Engine Light

Why would a check engine light come on for a 2000 Infinity G20?



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the light is a warning to you that something is wrong and your engine is not operating correctly and needs to be serviced soon. Most times there is a part of the emissions systems that set it off, like a bad sensor somewhere. You will need to get the CODES read. The codes are then converted to a diagnostic problem and then the parts of that system need to be analyzed to see which one is not operating. I will ask this....did you just recently get gas? You must turn the gas 3 clicks when you put it back on to make sure the correct pressure is in the gas tank otherwise you will get a check engine light. So go check your gas cap and if it is tight.........then you will need to take your car to a place liek Autozone and they will put a diagnostic scan tool on your car usually under the dash under the steering column and pull your codes. From there it is up to you where you decide to get it fixed, either by yourself or a garage. By the way after you tighten the gas cap you will need to drive some miles AND go thru a few stop and start cycles with the engine befoer the service engine light goes out if it was a gas cap issue. The light will not automatically turn off after you tighten the cap.