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Scare Tactics OnlY... Just hang up. * Intimidation tactics by creditors/collectors are a direct violation of the FDCPA. Violators should be reported to the justice department of the state attorney general's office in the state where the consumer resides.

2006-07-24 23:48:44
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What is the duration of The Apartment Complex?

The duration of The Apartment Complex is 1.82 hours.

Will an apartment complex do a credit check if I'm a new tenant?

It differs from apartment complex to apartment complex. But apartment complexes should do a credit check to make sure that they will be getting their money from their tenants.

What does the British English word block of flats mean?

Block of flats = apartment building or apartment complex.

What is a good sentence for the word complex?

I am beginning to have a complex because the apartment complex is laid out in such a complex fashion.

What actors and actresses appeared in Apartment Complex - 2011?

The cast of Apartment Complex - 2011 includes: Hillary Johns as Lauren

Can an apartment complex let you into your dads apartment if you are not on the lease?

Not without a court order.

What part of speech is complex?

Complex can be used as a noun or an adjective.Noun: an apartment complexAdjective: a complex discussion

Can an apartment complex refuse to rent an apartment to you if you have filed for bankruptcy in the state of Florida?

Yes, an apartment complex can refuse to rent an apartment to you if you have bad credit. A bankruptcy alone will not stop you from being approved or disapproved from an apartment, they will consider your overall credit score and credit history.

Why would it be important for tenants of an apartment complex to have insurance on the contents of their apartment?

It is important for tenants of an apartment complex to have insurance on there personal property. Theft fire, and flood are among the biggest reasons to have such a policy.

Does an apartment complex have the right to make the tenants get apartment insurance?

They do have the right to make you get insurance.

What apartment complex was it filmed at?

investigators department

What actors and actresses appeared in The Nursree Apartment Complex - 2007?

The cast of The Nursree Apartment Complex - 2007 includes: Grant Kolton as Narrator

Is apartment an adjective?

No, it is not. It is a noun (a subdivided living area) but may be a noun adjunct in terms such as apartment house and apartment complex.

Where can you view your apartment rental history?

if a apartment complex does not take your social security number nor checks your credit, and they give you an apartment for rent,when you decide to leave that complex, will you have any credit history on your credit?

Can an apartment complex withhold your mail?

An apartment complex cannot withhold your mail unless you have asked them to. You should contact the prosecutor in your county to have this resolved if you cannot do it on your own.

Who is resonsible for property damage if water heater pipe bursts in your bedroom closet but the water heater belongs to the apartment complex?

The apartment complex master policy

How do you use resident in a sentence?

He is a resident of the apartment complex.

Can you break a lease if suicide was committed at the apartment complex?


What is a sentence using upscale?

It was an upscale apartment complex.

Who is the current president of el rincon apartment complex playa flamenca alicante?

The El Rincon apartment complex in Playa Flamenca, Alicante's president is Kerry Sabine.

How do you find out if your apartment complex is in foreclosure?

To find out if your apartment complex is in foreclosure, contact your management office. If they won't give you the information, a realtor or court house should be able to get the information for you.

How long can a guest visit and how often can they visit in your apartment?

The amount of time a guest can stay in your apartment varies from complex to complex. You would need to read your rental agreement for your apartment to find out how long that is. There usually are no regulations for how often a guest can visit.

Is complex an adjective?

It can be, where it means intricate, involved, complicated (a complex problem).The word complex can also be a noun for a structure of group of structures (e.g. apartment complex).

Is there an apartment complex in Dowagiac named eagle woods?

Yes there is.

What is the largest apartment complex in Maryland?

Franklin park at greenbelt