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Be very wary of labeling people. Just because a male coworker may have effeminate mannerisms doesn't mean he is gay. However, if he is then he may feel lonely and just wants to be your friend. Many gay men have several female friends because they are more comfortable with them. Cut him some slack and be pleasant to him and get to know him a little better. If he's gay it's sure not love he's after.

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Are there any places that can send you diabetic needles straight to your home?

http://www.libertymedical.com/ You can get diabetic needles sent straight to your house from this link. However I sure there are other places that have them as well.

How do you be in professional relationship with supervisor?

you can not have a relationship with your supervisor or anyone you work with.. it is best to find another job some where else.. in some places having a relationship with a coworker is grounds for firing.

What should you do if there is this guy that keeps staring at you?

take your shirt off Um, I don't think that's smart, most places that can be called stripping. However, if you're like, 20^ you could invite him over if you have more people at your house. Or ask him why he's staring at you.

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A female hamster can be purchased in several places. A pet store can have a female hamster. You can also find a female hamster in stores like Walmart or Meijer's.

Where can you get a female or unisex urinal?

All the geographical places in India, Asia you have female urinals separate from male urinal, but you don't have only female urinals.

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Female bats eat in entirely different places than male bats. And Male bats with a natural talent for singing attract more female admirers.

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It is 1030 miles (Approx.). Note that this is a straight distance between the two places.

Where is a female snorunt in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The same place a male snorunt is. Female and male Pokemon are not located in different places. The gender is chosen at random.

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most of the female sharks give birth in may places but main in isla de guadalupe

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A taxi driver drives people to places and gets money its pretty straight forward

How do you go to someone elses room on bin weevils?

They have to Invite you to There Places You Cant Go Straight Away.

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Because solar rays at equator are straight and more intense.

What is the meaning of avoiding self -pollination?

The male and female parts matuers in different times. There are barriers between the male and female. The male and female parts are located in different places. A student from A.G.S.

Two places in the body where meiosis occurs?

Only one place in the body of a male and one place in the body of a female. Testicles in the male and ovaries in the female.

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