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Why would a guy act weird around you?

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Please explain your problem a little more clearly. Give us an example of how he is acting so we can give you the best advice possible. Thanks

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Why does a guy act weird when he's around you and his parents?


How do you know if the guy you like wants you to ask him out?

if they act imbarrased around you or act weird they will...

When can you tell a guy likes you?

well sometimes a guy would make fun of you to try to not make it obvious that he likes you and sometimes they will always want to be around you and last they will just act weird around you and shy.

Why does the guy you like act so weird around you but you think he likes you?

its cause hes so nervous

What will a guy do when interested in a girl?

they will probily act weird around you even thou guys are normally weird so it might be a little hard to tell. If they act weirder by being shy or saying stupider than normal things sighned (a guy)

How do you know when a guy is messing with you?

He will act really weird

How do you act around a guy who knows you like them?

Act like you normally would around anyone else

Does a guy act weird when a girl is pregnant?

Apparently some do,,,

What are hint to know if a guy likes you?

A hint would be him acting weird around you and if he is really nice to

Can a guy act shy around you?

Of course, a guy could act shy around you.

Would one guy tell another guy Hey handsome if they are just platonic friends?

Maybe if they are joking around... or if they are weird...

Is it weird for a guy to have a journal?

No. Why would it?

What does it mean if a guy says you are hot?

That means he likes you and he wants to go out with you most likely. If I were you, I would not act weird around the kid or else he will get creeped out. If he throws the flirt then you throw it back. Also the guy has to ask out the girl, and if he doesn't, you probably should not go out with that guy.

How should you act around a guy you like?

You shouldn't act at all. Behave as you would always and just be who you are.

What to do so a guy can like you?

You should just be yourself, i mean if your really weird, dont be yourself. Act normal around him, act CALM, and dress nicely, look pretty, and be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you tell if a guy likes you how to tell if he doesn't?

if he likes you- he will mostly likely try to talk to you, he will act cocky or weird around you, try to tickle you, flirt a lot, ask who you like or what you like in a guy if he doesnt like you- he will basically act the same way as any other guy that you know

Is it normal for a guy to get a weird feeling when his crush is not around?


How can you tell if a guy who doesnt know you likes you?

If he act all normal towards you and doesn't stop talking to you or act weird

What were the three types of Inca noble and what did they each do for society?

There was the weird guy, the short guy and the pimp guy. Well the weird guy perved on people, the short guy gave bjs and the pimp guy would look after the prostitutes

How do you act yourself with a guy?

If you find it difficult to act yourself around a certain guy then he's not worthy of your time, and try to find someone that you CAN act yourself around.

Is it weird for a guy to try on a thong in a store?

what?of course it would.

Why would an outgoing confident guy act shy around you?

He may fancy you andfeel awkard around you as to know what to say!

Why do you feel weird around a guy you like?

when you are feeling emotoins it will syc you out it will feel different and wierd around the person you like just dont try to act cool around them it really looks wierd and makes you look funny

Why would a guy act weird when you checked him out but wasn't trying to and noticed you right after?

Could be from "blushing" in his own sort of way, maybe he is flattered that you "accidently" did something like that.

How do you tell a guy that likes you that your going out with his best friend?

If he hits on you, ask you out, flirt with you, starts hangin around you more, calles you at least once a day, or he could act weird around you. Trust me, Ashley Tidsdale!!