Why would a guy try and push you out of his life?


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Gosh, there are lots of answers for this. Maybe he has problems you don't know about. Maybe he can't handle intimacy. Maybe he isn't ready for a relationship. Maybe he doesn't love himself and therefore can't love anyone else. Maybe he has mental problems. Maybe he doesn't see what he has in you. There are any number of reasons. Whatever it is, please know HE has to fix himself. YOU CANNOT fix him or the reasons he's pushing you away. You can't force someone to stay if he is constantly trying to leave. You have to let him go and give him space. Know and accept that he may leave or go away permanently. Don't put all of yourself, your emotions and life into him if he is pulling away a lot. Keep your friends. Keep busy. Keep strong. A guy will only push you out of his life, if you have done something really bad or cheated on him. He will also do that if he doesn't want to be with you anymore or he is not happy with you or he doesn't like your behaviour. A lot of guys can not also be one girl they change girls all the time. He will also push you out of his life if you don't do what he wants for him.


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