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Gosh, there are lots of answers for this. Maybe he has problems you don't know about. Maybe he can't handle intimacy. Maybe he isn't ready for a relationship. Maybe he doesn't love himself and therefore can't love anyone else. Maybe he has mental problems. Maybe he doesn't see what he has in you. There are any number of reasons. Whatever it is, please know HE has to fix himself. YOU CANNOT fix him or the reasons he's pushing you away. You can't force someone to stay if he is constantly trying to leave. You have to let him go and give him space. Know and accept that he may leave or go away permanently. Don't put all of yourself, your emotions and life into him if he is pulling away a lot. Keep your friends. Keep busy. Keep strong. A guy will only push you out of his life, if you have done something really bad or cheated on him. He will also do that if he doesn't want to be with you anymore or he is not happy with you or he doesn't like your behaviour. A lot of guys can not also be one girl they change girls all the time. He will also push you out of his life if you don't do what he wants for him.

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Q: Why would a guy try and push you out of his life?
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Why would a girl try to push a guy away?

Because she wants to. Whether you accept it or not, there are other people in the world, and their needs and desires may not match up precisely with your own.

How can a guy you like tell you like him?

The guy will try to get to know you better, be nicer to you, and try t talk to you as a guy myself. I would do this if I had a crush on a girl.

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How do help a guy get over a girl?

The best thing you can do is just be there for them and help them get through it don't try and push them with time their wounds will heal.

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What are signs a shy christian guy likes you what would he do and how would he act?

try and kiss you?

What do you do when a guy breaks your heart?

I will try my best 2 forget him and move forward in my life...

Why would guy lie to you and then says he love you after he lied?

To try to deflect the consequences of lying. A guy like this will say whatever he thinks will make his life easier and get him what he wants . There are plenty of guys around, find a real MAN.

Is a tarantula bigger than a guy's hand?

no, i would try the pants on.

How can you stop being desperate for a man?

Try to move on with life and find a better guy to date.

How would you know if a guy really wants to be with you but waiting to see what you do?

Usually if a guy likes a girl he will try to initiate conversation.

What do you do if you like a guy that doesnt want a relationship?

My advice to you would be to move on. If a guy doesnt want a relationship there is no way to try to convince him otherwise. And if you do, It will only lead to heartache in the long run. Believe me, I wasted about a year of my life in a situation like this....

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If you tell a guy you like him but doesn't answer would he try to make you jealous?


How can a guy tell if his girlfriend is attracted physically to him?

She would stare at him and try to get close to him

Can a guy try on girls at the shoppe?

I don't know if they would stop you or not, but you would look sorta gay.

Why would a guy get kinda jealous whenever he sees you talking or something to any guy and try hard to make you notice him more and sometimes try to make you jealous and get your attention?

Really? He likes you obviously, its just a guy thing

How can you get a guy to like you if he does not want to date?

Okay, first rule of guys. You can't try to get a guy to like you if they've told you they don't want to date! Just move on! It's sooooooooooooo not sexy to try to push yourself on a guy that's not feelin you. So just move on because as the saying goes... There's PLENTY of fish in the sea!

If your falling in love with a guy what should you do?

I would ask him why he's not digging you and try to work it out. And try to get him a cute stuffed animal.

What happens when you try to catch a ball on roller skates?

You would push backward because of the ball accelerating at you

What if your girlfriend ditched you for a fourteen year old guy what do you do?

You move on in life is what you do. Don't try to go back to her.

What makes a guy feel replaced?

Well, I'm no guy but i would say that a guy would feel replaced if someone takes his spot at something he really loves. Like, for example, if there is a guy who likes to help you out, then suddenly you have another person to help you with things, well the guy would feel replaced and sad. look, I'm no expert, so if this doesn't help, try asking someone who knows a lot about guys, or try asking a guy. --Melissa

How do you get a guy a grade older and is already in a relationship?

Well it all depends in what grade you in! But if you really like this guy I would try calling his house and get together with him. But if not try to get to know him better by asking his friends about him!

How do you win over a guy from another girl?

Make that girl look like an extreme idiot without looking like you are doing it. Don't push yourself on the guy. or befriend her then move in for the kill! You could do to that girl what you would want her to do to you and not push yourself on HER boyfriend. You could get a different boyfriend or wait until they break up. Ruining other people's relationships is not nice. Just get the guy to notice you. It's not easy to do but whatever works just try it. And get the girl out of the way so you can make your move.

How to make a guy have an irrection?

To get a guy to be fully erect just try flirting with him. If your really that desperate then jsut push him onto the bed/grass and sit on his waist with your legs on either side of his body and flirt with him that way. He'll get the picture.

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