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Why would a guy want to sleep with you if he has a girlfriend?

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βˆ™ 2010-07-25 01:29:33

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Because he's a jerk and he doesn't care who's feelings he hurts. He just wants sex and he wants what he wants. Get some pride girl and get it now! He's using you and will keep using you and by the way, he's using his girlfriend as well! He's worse than pond scum!


Why? this guy is not a good person and trying to see if he can strike with you. He never care if his girlfriend do not know, as long as he can do what he wanted to do. One thing you can do, tell him his a low life and it's not your style.

2010-07-25 01:29:33
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Do you want your girl to sleep with another guy?

No; you do not want your girl to sleep with another guy.

Why would a guy ask your guy friend if you are sleeping with anybody?

because he would want to sleep with you. to be sure your not cheating or he is gay......................

What would a guy want for valentines day?

A day spending time with his girlfriend

What to do if a guy tells you he likes you but he doesn't want a girlfriend in summer?

I would look for a guy that wants a girlfriend no matter what time of year it is. He probably doesn't want to commit himself to one person.

Do men want girlfriends?

Most the time but it really depends on what kind of guy they are I really would like to have a girlfriend right now but my friend doesn't want a girlfriend

What to do if you like a guy and he likes you back but he has a girlfriend she happens to be one of your good friends?

If he has a girlfriend, and he likes you, then surely he is not the kind of guy you want to be seeing? I think it would get messy and you would loose friends if either you, or the guy in question tried to change anything.

What does a guy want from his girlfriend?

Depends on his types

Is it all right to sleep with a guy that already has a girlfriend?

It is never all right to.

Does your long distant boyfriend need to know when a guy hits on you?

Im a guy and I think I think I would want to know when another guy hits on my girlfriend

If a guy was to sleep with another guy what would it make that guy?


Does a guy want to be with you if you are friends with benefits but he has a girlfriend but some days he makes it seem like he wants to be with you?

Ouch, you are being taken advantage of! Get out of this relationship, he will not leave his girlfriend and you will always play second fiddle. Plus, do you really want a guy who cheats? If he cheats on his girlfriend with you, you can be sure he will cheat on you if you become the new girlfriend. This relationship is not going to last, if you are just having fun with a good looking guy, think of the girlfriend who has no idea and how it would hurt if she found out. What if you were her? GET OUT OF THAT RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!HE IS USING YOU!!!!!DONT MESS WITH A GUY WHOHAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!

Does Matt lanter has a girlfriend?

I know you do not want that Matt Lanter has a girlfriend, OK, tell you, this handsome guy does not have a girlfriend.

What does it mean When a guy say do you want to go out with me?

It mean Do you want to be my girlfriend/boyfriend?

What a guy wants for his birthday from his girlfriend?

he want your love and trust

What does a guy mean when he says can you be my girl?

That he likes you and want you to be his girlfriend.

What do you do when you like a guy but he has a girlfriend and that girlfriend is good friend of yours?

You try to lose feelings for this guy. It wouldnt be right for you to have feelings for a guy thats dating a good friend of yours. Put your self in that situation. What would you want your good friend to do if she liked your "boyfriend" ?

How can you make him think only about you and not about his girlfriend?

You're in a situation I don't envy. The guy you like has a girlfriend, but you want him for yourself. This could possibly put you in a position where you would look like the "bad guy" and you must determine whether this is something you really want for yourself. Do you want to be perceived as "the other woman"? Do you want to be the one responsible for a breakup? Do you really love the guy? If you truly love him, you won't want his unhappiness at all. And losing his current girlfriend because of you may actually make him unhappy.

If a guy has a girlfriend and looks at you every now and then what does it mean?

He wants to make it with you-but he doesn't want his girlfriend to know.

If a guy French kisses a girl what does that mean?

it means the guy likes the girl or he want to sleep with her

What does it mean if a guy gave you his number after knowing you were interested in him but he has a girlfriend?

It most likely means he wants to sleep with you.

What is his intention if a guy says he wants you to be his?

It really depends on the guy who says it and if they want you to be their girlfriend or the their lover. but take my advice if you can ask if they want you to their girlfriend or their lover and they say both then they really care about you and really want you to be theirs for as long as possible..

If a guy askes you out when he has a girlfriend what does it mean?

maybe they want to dump the other girl??? maybe they like you??? they could be joking... but i doubt they would be.

When a guy cheats on his wife or girlfriend does it mean he is not the right one?

Yes, because if he was the right one, he would be faithful and want no body but you.

Why would guy flirt with girl?

To make her his girlfriend

When a guy tells you he will date you in a while and he gets a girlfriend will he still want to date you?

Depends on what type of guy he is.