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It is not the blower motor,it is the speed switch on the dash.This is a common problem in many vehicles.

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Chevy 06 2500 express van Front fan for heat and air stopped working It first stop working on high and a couple days later all together Tried replacing the heater assembly switch didn't work?

A bad blower motor may have burned out the blower motor resistor and the high speed relay. I would suggest replacing the motor, resistor and relay.

How can you tell if the heater blower motor resistor is bad?

I dont know anything about cars but my blower stopped working in my car and I took it to the mechanic and he changed a fuse and it started working again. Then a couple of months later the blower stoped blowing again and I took it back to the mechanic and he said the fuse is fine it might be the blower moter, how can I tell, I think it's a loose wire because my radio was removed and everysince my radio was removed my blower has been giving me problems.

How do you change the heater blower motor on a 97 Isuzu Rodeo?

TIP my 97 4 cylinder rodeo heater not working for 3 days later i found out the WATER PUMP was messed up. the temp. gauge only reached 2/3 of the way up(not even on the red section) but it i blew a head.

Santa Fe air blower stopped working but the controls still work why?

Same thing happened to me this morning. Hopefully it's the blower fuse. Will check it out later today.

When was the baseboard heater invented?

The first electrical baseboard heater was invented by William Wesley Hicks. The first patent for the heater was filing in 1925 and later issued on March 27, 1928.

On a 2003 Sebring why would the heater fan stop working on speeds 1 to 3 and then a couple months later stop working on speed 4?

Your battery went dead sometime it messed up the computer. Disconnect the ground for 5 or more min. Reconnect and it should work Mine was stuck in defrost The blower motor resistor has failed.

Why might the blower motor on a 1989 Oldsmobile run all the time?

The relay for the blower motor might be stuck , or the switch is bad . I have a 1983 Oldsmobile 88. A few days ago the blower motor for the A/C, Vent, Heater kept running after I turned off the ignition and got out of the car. It is located under the front hood in the engine compartment against the firewall. I went into the store and when I returned it was still running. Later that day the A/C stopped working. Well it wasn't the AC it was the blower. It didn't work on AC, heater, or vent. The manual I got at the autoparts store indicated a couple of relays under the hood, under the dash on the right and left sides, and fuses also. I swapped all the relays to find out if it would start working and something else would stop but the blower still would not run. The next day I went outside to find the blower was running when I walked up to the car. I started the engine and the a/c worked fine. I disconnected the blower plug under the hood to prevent the battery from going dead. So I have two problems. The blower running with the engin off, then it not working at all for two days. If anyone has had a similar problem please comment. Also where specifically is the blower relay. I don't think I have found the correct one. Thank you, Mark

Why would starter and heater fan not work and other things OK?

I have an Isuzu Trooper II 1985 and when the heater fan stopped working it was because the alternator was going out. I found that out a few months and a few dollars later, unfortunately.

I bought a wax pot heater from a shop The wax pot heater broke first time I used it I took straight back to the shop they exchanged it but a month later and the want me to pay for it?

I bought a wax pot heater from a shop. The wax pot heater broke first time I used it I took straight back to the shop where I made the purchase And they exchanged the wax pot heater for me with no problem. Over a month later I was asked to ring the shop. They now want me to pay for the wax heater again. What are my rights and should I have to as it was not a money exchange?

Why would there be no power to the heating system in a 1992 Plymouth Sundance if the fuse is good?

If it is the blower that is not working, the blower motor relay needs to be replaced,usually before the relay fails completely you only have high speed available to the fan. on the later model sundance the relay is near the firewall under the hood.

What could happen if there's low coolant level?

At first you find little or no heat from the heater then later on the engine may over heat.

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How do you replace the fan blower resistor on your Nissan Pulsar 1994?

I don't know about that but I'll get to that later.

When is the best time to take care of heating repairs?

It is best to get heating repairs done in the Summer. If you try repairing it in the winter (if it is still working some) then you risk not having heat the whole winter and your house will get very cold. In the Summer you wont have to worry about the heat not working because it is already warm. However if your heater is not working at all, sooner is better then later!

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What would cause white smoke to come out of heater vents?

Most likely the heater core is leaking. If there is also water on the floor and an antifreeze smell in the passenger compartment, those are also signs of a cracked heater core. Also, GET THAT TEMP GAUGE FIXED!!! You could be overheating and not even know it. Once the motor overheats, you're risking a blown head gasket, a VERY EXPENSIVE repair, or even worse, a blown engine. If steam is coming out of the vents it is very possible the motor is overheating. You need two repairs, your heater core and your temperature gauge. My heater core was replaced since it had a hole in it. The blower was also replaced but with a used one. The guage is now working and so far, no more white smoke. Heater does not get hot though and the blower motor is very loud. Hey, ya gotta laugh a little...from one thing to another. I suppose the worse thing is over. Thank the Lord though I did not have a new car since the guy that worked on it did a number on my dash. Symptom: on a 2000 Ford Contour, white smoke came through the vents and the smeel was acrid. We switched the car off. A few hours later, the car was fine, no more smoke, but the heater didn't work on one speed setting. Solution: there is a resistor block which controls the blower speed in the ducting. When one of the resistors goes, white smoke is fed dirrectly up to the vents. Replacement is easy (admittedly while doing a head stand in the passenger footwell) and fairly cheap. Suggestion: many other cars will have a similar layout. Check this out before investing in a new heater core...

WHY DOES 1998 Plymouth breeze blower motor ONLY WORK ON HIGH SETTING?

the blower resister is no good When our '98 Breeze's blower began to work only on high, we replaced the resister, but it croaked about 2 weeks later. We replaced it 2 more times and the same thing happened. A mechanic told us the blower itselfneeded replacing, and thus, the blower kept burning out the resister. Works fine now. Found ours at a junk yard for $20.

New Radiator new heater core replaced but one month later heater core blows out antifreeze into vents leading to car Auto part where heater core was purchased says it's something electrical?

check radiator cap for proper pressure first.then check clamps at heater core

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How much does a heater core flush cost?

When I took my car to the dealership, they said that a flush and fill would cost $79.00 plus tax and would include the heater core flush. However, when they later determined that the heater core was "restricted," they wanted to charge me double.